Extraordinary Galaxy Legend: Aircraft Warfare Comes in Your Way

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    Extraordinary Aircraft Warfare Defender Comes in Your Way
    Login with facebook account, claim a pouch of diamonds from Rewards in Activity Center.
    Tap “Redeem Code” button on Fighter Selection interface, and Follow us facebook page to get loads of gifts.


    Aircraft Warfare Defender#is a powerful barrage shooting game, based on star wars background. You will be driving the most advanced fighter aircraft to combat with the enemy. Fight with raiders from outer space! Drive space craft to blitz with stunning barrage. Integrated classic Raiden X, and ha smore powerful barrage effect. Become a hero to save the world, destroy enemies to protect the galaxy at peace, Also, it features HD graphics, numerous levels to challenge and terrific air barrage. Still, this game continues the classic of fighter plane game and is filled with thrill, which brings brand new flight shooting experience to players!

    Get it from Google Play:

    Glamorous & Realistic graphics
    Game graphics can be the major highlight. With various delicate images matched together, pictures are super stunning and colorful. We just made adjustment of perfect UI version. Various BOSS models and vivid picture give an astonishing feeling of battle with real BOSS!


    Live & Magnificent dubbing
    You guys may be quite curious about what sound effects may like with such a extraordinary graphics. Each fighter has exclusive mixed sound effects. Live dubbing makes this game more thrilling and right for battle, especially when BOSS emerges!

    Coolest and Awesome fighters
    The seven space fleets are Dragon, White Tiger, Kylin, Phoenix, Milano, Hell Knife respectively. Each of them has exclusive style, property and barrage. Strengthen fleets, upgrade equipment and boost fighting capacity, when you encounter tougher enemy.

    Various & Interesting mode
    Numerous exciting mode such as Level Mode, BOSS Mode and Endless Mode. After we update the version, we not only add some levels but develop some special function of equipment. The unexpected adventure and immersive sound make you enjoy this visual effect.

    Game features:
    ►A war & shooting RPG with online arena(PVP)
    ►Cool interface, stunning pictures & awesome barrage
    ►7 surreal fighters with different exclusive performance
    ►Equip proper weapons with the proper space fleets for special missions.
    ►Climb Score rank, Endless rank, Tournament rank in Fight rank against player worldwide ►Transform your space fleet with numerous missiles, shields & special skills.
    ►4 modes: World Tournament, BOSS Mode, Endless Mode and Level Mode respectively
    ►PVP system offers real experience to fight with players
    ►5 stage of fire intensity
    ►96 levels & 48 bosses
    Create your own Space Military Base, build the sophisticated galaxy warships, defeat the evil force, conquer the Milky Way! Drive your aircraft to complete every mission! Aircraft Warfare Defender is a outer space shooting & war game that has been waiting for you to start the unexpected adventure and safeguard galaxy peace. In the space you are not alone, thousands of players around the earth is fighting alongside with you. You can challenge other aircraft pilots to improve your skills & gain plenty rewards in the online battlefield.
    If you have any problem, please do not hesitate to let us know. Remember: click the button in the left corner of the game to contact us!
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    I played, game good:)
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    Good to hear you like this game!

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