Expedition:Beyond the Walls new gameplay coming

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    I'm busily working on some fine new gameplay for E:BTW, as well as retina support. The new stuff will add some excellent new features and interactivity to the current game.

    When your crew arrives at a destination, the tasks themselves will be mini-dice games. You'll assign crew members to available slots and explore, fight or "lore" your way through the task.

    The actual mechanics will be shown later, as it gets further along, I'll be creating a play video.


    Here we have a soldier assigned to an adversary "Mutant". Each crew and enemy (called adversaries) have their own combat dice with 6 sides (plus rares). The dice are rolled, assigned and compared.
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    This is looking nice, good job! It would be nice to be able to level up your characters and carry them over into following play throughs.
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    They do

    Crew members do upgrade to advanced versions which are saved for further expeditions. These higher level members have different dice results, usually adding an extra combat, defense or other values.
    There will be plenty of tactical decisions to make, with specific outcomes that can kill or injure crew members if they fail against the adversary the player matched him against.
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    Here's a few of the new dice results that will be in the update of Expedition:Beyond the Walls. The update has new mechanics for determining if the crew successfully completes a task.

    Once I get a few more tasks done, I'll be making a play video which will get posted to the twitter account (listed in my sig).

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