Evil Master Overlord: Upcoming mobile dungeon defense game

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    Hi everyone (fyi, this is also posted in the upcoming iPhone games section)
    We at LCD Dreams are wrapping up development on our first released title, Evil Master Overlord, or EMO for short (this is actually our second title in development - the first, Banished: The Reckoning, is a much bigger game and still in pre-alpha)! EMO is being developed by a collaboration between LCD Dreams and Ironbelly Studios.

    EMO is a tongue-in-cheek, 3D real time dungeon defense game that is heavily inspired by dungeon defense and puzzle games like Dungeon Keeper and Tetris. Yes, we know, odd combination, but hear us out! The idea is that you build your dungeon at the same time it's being attacked by heroes, and you build it with items that come down one at a time in a queue. These items consist of various wall shapes, traps, barriers, and minions. You'll also have spells you can fire off, and your last line of defense is your Overlord.

    You'll be able to outfit your Overlord with different weapons and armor. Weapons will be melee, ranged, and magic, and armor will be heavy, light, and minimal. Each will have its own set of stats, and what's more, they can be upgraded with gems!

    Your Overlord will level up each time you complete a dungeon level (by preventing all of the heroes from reaching your loot), at which time you'll be able to add points to his stats. In addition, you'll also be able to upgrade your minions and traps through the use of Hero Pulp (yes, it drops from dead heroes :D). Of course, the heroes will get tougher with each dungeon level as well.

    The game will be available simultaneously for iOS and Android this Spring. Come back here or to one of the sites below for more info.

    Check out our web site, www.evilmasteroverlord.com, facebook page, twitter page, and youtube channel for more info and updates, and below is some of our concept art, wallpapers, and model renders. We'll have a gameplay video coming soon.

    Wallpapers for your computer desktop and mobile devices! We'll have more in the future.

    Wizard hero animation set:

    Main menu screenshot:

    The EMO in heavy metal wielding sword and shield:

    The Skeleton minion. Guard your teddybear well. He has a habit of stealing them.

    The dungeons - one of the environments where you'll defend your stash of gold:

    The EMO's bed - comfy AND stylish:

    Some of the EMO's available weapons:


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