Evergreen: The Board Game

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Evergreen is a tree-growing abstract strategy game where your goal is to build a lush ecosystem, planting seeds, growing…
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Evergreen is a tree-growing abstract strategy game where your goal is to build a lush ecosystem, planting seeds, growing trees, and placing other natural elements on your planet, trying to make it the greenest and most fertile of all. Play solo or compete against other players in multiplayer matches. HOW TO PLAY 1. Pick a Biome card from a common pool to determine the area of your Planet you’re going to develop each round. 2. Grow your Trees, plant Bushes, and place Lakes to create a huge Forest, and use the power of Nature to gain extra Actions! 3. Concentrate your Trees in the most Fertile areas and let them collect Light without overshadowing each other to score points! Each round you will choose a Biome card that allow you to develop on a specific biome of the board and activate its Power to grow even more trees. But even the cards you do NOT choose are just as important, since the least chosen biomes become more Fertile, and thus more valuable! Try to keep your Trees close to each other to score points for your biggest Forest… but you also want them to collect as much Light as possible without shading each other, so be mindful of the position of the sun! EXPANSIONS The Pines and Cacti expansions add new plants that that interact with light and shadow in interesting ways: discover new forest-planning strategies to get the most points out of them! Each modular expansion introduces a new Power. There must always be 6 Powers in the game, so if you want to play with a new Power, another must be removed. But you can play with more than 1 Expansion module at a time if you so desire. MODES Play solo against AI bots, or compete in local (pass and play) or online multiplayer to challenge players from all over the world! The online leaderboard is completely cross-platform!* FEATURES - The wonderful art of the board game by Wenyi Geng - Network planning gameplay: try to make the best use of the actions each round to create the most rich environment - Cross-platform multiplayer challenges with your friends and players all over the world!* - Over 20 Achievements Evergreen is the official adaptation of the critically acclaimed board game created by award-winning designer Hjalmar Hach and illustrated by artist Wenyi Geng. *Horrible Guild account is required to access online functionality.
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Release:May 09, 2024
Updated:May 12, 2024
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