Universal Everest Trash Collector

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    Everest Trash Collector

    Awesome new Jump & Run Arcade game and the first gaming adventure with a clean conscience.
    Play the new Sympatex Everest Trash Collector game to be in to WIN loads of great prizes and experience first-hand what it’s like to conquer the world’s highest mountain with a clean conscience.
    Take on Everest and collect left-behind trash from other expeditions along the way. But watch out, it’s a long way to the top of the world and Everest has a lot of unexpected dangers in store for you…


    - Easy to play but hard to master Jump & Run game
    - Beautiful, minimlaistic 2D/3D polygon design
    - Intuitive controls
    - Fluent and entertaining gameplay
    - Test your skill against various unexpected dangers and enemies
    - Submit your highscore to be in to win Sympatex/Vaude gear every week

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    Woah... this looks good. Anyone tried it?

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