Eurogamer Expo - Fluid Football stand & competition

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    Aug 17, 2012
    Hi all!

    Any of you lovely lot heading to the Eurogamer Expo this week?

    We'll be there, and we've got some great plans (well, we think they're great).

    We’ll be bringing iPads loaded with the latest version of Fluid Football (with a few new features and tweaks, naturally) so you can get your hands on the game or show off your skills to the your mates. We may even run a few small competitions on it, and of course you’ll get to meet Andrew, Andy, James, Robin and on the Friday we’ll have Simon there too – the big boss man of Chromativity, the developers of Fluid Football!

    Not content with that, we’re going to be bringing a table football table. Why? Because they’re ace. And because I reckon I’m pretty good at it and would like people to try and beat me :D

    But the thing we’re most excited about is the competition! Once every day we’ll tweet about the kick off, and there’ll be two hours in which teams of people must roam the floor, finding clues and performing football-related tasks. When the time is up, the teams’ efforts will be judged, scored, and the winners of the day will get a ton of exclusive AppyNation and Fluid Football swag…

    …and maybe some hugs.

    Every task will involve pictures being taken or video being recorded (by you!), and of course we’ll share all the madness with those of you who can’t attend via our twitter feed and Facebook. Make sure you follow us to join in!

    We've got tons more info and the rules in a blog post here and would love to hear from anyone who's going :D

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