Eternal Adventure Pre-registion Open Now

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    Hi everyone,

      Pre-registration for 'Eternal Adventure' opens officially today, full launch planned for late June. We prepare 3 grades of gifts to support even more players,the chests includes various rare items and gems ,and the event set lower entry barriers in terms of the audience willing to engage in them! Grab the original release for free right now !

    The Game:
      Eternal Adventure is a brand new Diablo-style equipment loot adventure RPG. You are an adventurer, struggling to survive on the dark continent of Demon Land. You can choose to play multiple roles as Demon Hunter, Wizard and Necromancer that will allow you battle with the forces of evil to earn power. You can mix and match your hero skills and spells to unlock thrilling adventures and totally awesome weapons and equipment!


      If you're interested in our games, please fill out the form below and we will invite you and give pre-registration gift by email you have provided. To join the pre-registration will help you continually be one step ahead! You should check it out!


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    I hope you will enjoy the games! :p

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