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    It is a hot, sunny day and you are exploring the beautiful city of St Cristo. Your next stop is the prestigious Museum of St Cristo but as you turn right, you stop in your tracks and look in awe at the sight in front of you. A beautiful bell tower standing high over the whole city. You don't remember seeing this on the map. “Excuse me, can you climb the Bell Tower?” you ask a passing local. “Yes, head around to the side passage and up the steps from the street. It will give you the best views of our city!”.


    As you head off in excitement, you hear them shout something as if in warning but they are smiling and waving at you so it can’t be anything bad, can it? You are heading back down the steps to head to the museum as you want to spend some time there before it closes.


    Suddenly, you stop. A locked gate now blocks your way out back onto the street. You start to panic as you shout but no one is around. How do you escape? There is only one way – the bell! If only you could ring it, someone would hear it, right? As the sun sets, have you got what it takes to escape the Bell Tower?

    Escape: The Bell Tower is new interactive, point and click adventure puzzle. Tap around each scene you discover to move around. Use your inventory system to collect puzzle objects. Drag items out of your inventory onto objects in each scene to interact and combine. Use your powers of problem solving to try to come up with creative ways to solve simple problems. Make sure you investigate all areas of the screen. Take your time, don't rush the game - and rest assured the puzzle can be solved!

    Play Escape: The Bell Tower FREE Now...
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    no ios version?

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