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    Are you ready to join this mystery adventure journey? Try our new 50-room escape games about kingdom treasure in quest away! The journey is going to be thrilling as there are lots of hidden tasks. Treasure hunt and enjoy adventures in pirates' island games.


    New free-to-play mystery adventure treasure and the quest of Escape game: Classic Treasure Hunt Adventure! where you need to point and click and complete puzzles and escape games for free! This game has no plot differences from the original puzzle, and its main feature is that you can play the entire king castle hide and seek 50 rooms escape for free!


    Start your treasure adventure in the mystery world! Complete game levels and find different areas of the castle. Become a master of escape games! Uncover hidden secrets in the game story.

    Can you escape the 100 doors - a treasure-hunting adventure & puzzle game awaits!

    You can explore amazing locations full of mysteries, hidden treasures, useful objects, and challenging tasks. Solve puzzles and brain teasers in these great hidden and find-mystery tales escape games!

    Pirate Treasure has been uncovered and it's filled with hidden treasures. Solve 100 sets of mystery puzzles and unlock your way to the bottom of the doors. Each level contains an unlock to open the treasure box.

    You must discover a way out of that place by looking for helpful hidden objects, using detective skills, and deciphering riddles and puzzles.

    If you love an escape game, then you will really like the mystery treasure, Hunt. Play as much or as little as you want. Challenge your brain and try to complete all levels. Find the hidden objects that will solve the secrets and mystery of the lost land.


    Play50 of fun levels
    Unlock different rooms and explore interesting tales.
    Unique gameplay, and simple but well-designed levels.
    Very friendly to ladies.
    Mysterious storyline
    A unique set of puzzles
    Discover unknown secrets and enjoy this exciting story!
    25 language localized

    What are you waiting for? Come and enjoy endless fun and challenges with your friends!

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