Android Escape Mystery - Brave Hens

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    Escape Mystery - Brave Hens

    Addictive 50 levels room escape game - Filled with brain logical puzzles.


    Brave Hens is a free new point-and-click type escape room game. Get ready to break the doors and locks, open the brain-teasing puzzles, clear the thrilling plot twist.

    Witness each level with fun-filled gameplay, logical puzzles, and hidden object scenarios.

    If you are into taking up real challenges and enjoy beating them with your wits, then this game is for you.

    Feel the real epic escape adventure journey. If you are an escape game lover then try it once. Measure your brain memory power by playing this game.

    There are two parts of the story in this game, with 25 levels in each.

    Elvis Adventure journey:
    Elvis & Farrah (Hens)lived in a Farm House happily with their friends. Due to Poverty, Farm Owner sold 50 Hens to an old bear who is the owner of the Butcher Shop along with Elvis and Farrah. Elvis and Farrah saw themselves in the cage where one of their friends is being killed and roasted. So they decide to escape from the cage and from the butcher. Their escape journey starts there with a lot of interesting twists and turns. And in this marvelous journey, they meet interesting characters who help them in achieving their task.

    Farrah's Quest:
    Elvis woke up to find the missing Farrah from their farm. With only an identity card as a clue, Elvis starts to investigate the mystery behind the missing of Farrah. Throughout his journey, Elvis must solve all the tricky puzzles, unlock all the doors and locks and clear the hazards to reach the island where Farrah was taken. So eager to find who kidnapped Farrah and why? Play the game now and experience the plot twists and turns.

    Game Feature:
    Addictive 50 Levels
    Unique 140+ Logical Puzzles
    Immersive Gameplay & engaging storyline.
    Suitable for all age group
    Great Brain Teaser
    Twisted Hidden Objects are waiting
    Humane Hints are available
    Filled with lovable Cartoonic Characters
    Free Rewards (Food Packs)

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