Escape Games Puzzle - Soul of Justice (by HFG Entertainments)

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    HFG has launched a popular point and clicks kind of latest new room 2D adventure mystery escape games specially created for escape game lovers. With endless levels stuffed with a variety of themes which includes fantasy, mystery, detective thriller and, fiction, which enhances your brain IQ skills with endless fun and excitement.

    This game, one of our best creations designed with colorful interactive graphics and dressed up with visually appealing game-play objects that pleases your eyes. Makeup and be ready to jump into a valley of logic and fun. Observe, Analyse and make use of your logical skills to break free of the mysterious room.

    With perfect gaming controls and an enticing user interface our game pleads all players irrespective of all age groups. Pack your detective hat and magnifier to surf the hidden objects to plot your Escape plan. Try to solve many numbers and letter puzzles to open the locks. Do the riddles and investigate the clues you have got.

    Commence your mission by facing many challenges of logical puzzles. Delight in the mysterious journey continued from every room with a thrilling twist in an enthralling storyline. Sharpen your eyes to find the hidden objects. Find the keys to open the locked doors. Prove your intelligence.
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    Where’s the link for iPad
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    Sorry to say but the typo on the first screenshot which says 'Sqeeze' puts me off big time. The english is pretty bad, 'squeeze your brains' ?

    The other screenshots also have some pretty bad english. Granted I presume they aren't native english speakers but you need to get the words right

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