iPad Enough With the "Tap-to-Shoot" Games Already!

Discussion in 'iPhone and iPad Games' started by gekkota, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. gekkota

    gekkota Well-Known Member

    Jul 17, 2008
    What a disappointment that so many games involve no more skill than being able to poke your fat finger at an over-sized target on the screen!
    Zombie Invasion, Time Crisis Strike, Wild West Guns...the list goes on and on.

    Somebody...anybody...please let developers know that we are tired of this juvenile, apparently-easy-to-code interface. They need to step it up!

    When will we get a decent FPS that actually involves aiming and firing, rather than just poke, poke, poking!
    I "Prey" it will be soon! :D
  2. RM imagery

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    Jan 12, 2009
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    Long Island, NY
    When poke firing games stop selling. Until then, you can choose to not buy those games.

    There's different types of gamers out there. Some like detailed and complex and some would rather have less to think about and do. To them, just keeping up with the targets is engaging enough. Who are we to judge?
  3. BulletDev

    BulletDev Well-Known Member

    Sep 20, 2008
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    Vancouver, BC
    :p I agree! There are over 100 "Whack-A-Mole" styled games on the store now, and well.... yeah. It's enough.
  4. salsamd

    salsamd Moderator
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    Nov 1, 2008
    San Francisco, CA
    I believe Silent Hill, despite its otherwise uninspiring gameplay, may be amongst the few games that has done the shooting simulation well: one aims with the accelerometer and taps the back of the iphone/IPT to fire. One has the sense of pulling a trigger in this context. However, this may only work well in Portrait orientation,
  5. Skateboard313

    Skateboard313 Active Member

    Jan 15, 2009
    Personally I'm sick of all of these over simplestic games!! Besides WHATS THE POINT OF A GAME KF YOU DONT HAVE FULL CONTROL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    P.s the idea that NFS has auto drive seriously annoys me
  6. arkanigon

    arkanigon Well-Known Member

    Dec 24, 2008
    The problem is that if you make the controls too hard, there's a good chance the player will get frustrated... it is an interesting challenge for developers for the iphone which has no buttons or keyboard... I see that most games are either tilt or touch for shoot...

    One of the major criticisms I get for our game Arkanigon Duels is that the controls are too hard and complex...
  7. ratatat

    ratatat Member

    Feb 3, 2009
    While I agree, the title's a bit misleading. I don't think that the actual 'tap-to-shoot' game mechanic is under scrutiny here, but using tap as a cursor for where to fire. I agree though it's pretty unsatisfying. Kinda why the only iphone shooters I'm really into right now are ExZeus and Space Ninja.
  8. TSP

    TSP Well-Known Member
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    Sep 14, 2008
    Well Apple should throw out Ksoft then, they have no less than 15 tap-to-shoot/score games. To me that is utter spam. It is the same game dressed in 15 different costumes. Taps of rock, Punk taps, Sugartaps, Tap the nerd and so the list goes on. Hopefully they donĀ“t get any sales for this crap polluting the appstore.
  9. PlayScreen

    PlayScreen Well-Known Member

    Jan 2, 2009

    The first iPhone game (2G iPhone, web based) was iWhack:



    We put it out the weekend the phone was launched.

    July 2007.

    (Company used to be called MyNuMo).

    2.x Browser revision broke it. Never considered building a native version.
  10. Alichan

    Alichan Guest

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    I have to go long with OP. Sticking said 'fat finger' over a target requires no skill whatsoever. Although there apparently seems to be an argument that there are people out there who enjoy this sort of thing, IMHO, I personally don't think these types of apps should be graced with the title of 'game'. I consider myself a casual gamer, but does 'casual' gamer have to be synonymous with 'bored' gamer?
  11. blue ox

    blue ox Well-Known Member

    Sep 18, 2008
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    The time will come when developers for the iPhone "step it up." Hopefully it will be sooner rather than later.

    Right now there are numerous factors that are driving the market price for ANY app (bad, mediocre, or great) to $0.00. When these factors are resolved you will see app store prices rise, and then developers will "step it up."

    Until then there be a short delay...

    Share and enjoy,
  12. RPGGuy

    RPGGuy Well-Known Member

    Sep 3, 2008
    Get Blue Skies or my upcoming top down action adventure Dark Raider :)

    I agree it is a bit disappointing to see such simplistic games high in the charts.
    There are a few games out there that cater to core gamers but obviously the casual market is larger.
  13. rpb1975

    rpb1975 Well-Known Member

    Feb 5, 2009
    IT Consultant
    You know what is really funny...using the accelerometer to shoot in a game is harder than actually pointing a gun and pulling a trigger!!! I love it that games try to make small movements with fingers emulate shooting. The point and shoot is about how hard shooting is for anyone who has actually fired a gun before! (No pun intended)
  14. PlayScreen

    PlayScreen Well-Known Member

    Jan 2, 2009
    Control of breathing, no anticipation (hard to do that with a Desert Eagle .50, no I don't own one ... but I used it at the range), decent eyesight.

    It is easy to shoot, it is hard to shoot really well.

    The problem with the accelerometer aiming is they didn't tune the game.

    Yes, I may put one of these out.
  15. PointOfLight

    PointOfLight Well-Known Member

    Dec 29, 2008
    Indiana, USA
    I have The Corsair and Blast!, both "pokey shooting games", and I thoroughly enjoy them both. I also love RPGs, strategy games, adventure games, and puzzle games. I consider myself a casual gamer (at least lately), but I'm certainly not bored. Just because you don't like a particular type of game doesn't mean other people can't or shouldn't. Tell you what: I hate FPS games, so how about we ban those (if they ever show up)? I don't like casino style games either, and am not really big into card games. Let's get rid of them. And then there's those ridiculous sports games. In the end, you might as well just not have any games, because no one is going to like every genre of game out there. If you don't like the deluge of a particular genre of game, just ignore them, or better yet, stop whining about it and make your own game of a different genre.
  16. Daylater

    Daylater Active Member

    Dec 11, 2008
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    Orange County, Ca
    BLAST! lets you shoot not only with 1 fat finger...but 6! (give it a shot...the games free)

    also you never have to reload or worry about ammo...that stuff makes things slow and boring imo and i'd agree there is too much of that out there... i'm impatient and like things fast-paced and fun.

    so there. :p
  17. Alichan

    Alichan Guest

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    I don't think anyone is saying that you aren't allowed to enjoy your choice of game. Anyway, I hadn't heard of Blast, so good to know that exists. I might give that a....um.....blast! Thanks:)
  18. pante

    pante Well-Known Member

    Jan 1, 2009
    big yes to the author of this thread.

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