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    I remember seeing this one come out a week ago or so and from screenshots and from app store description still hadn't a clue what to do other than your supposed to deciper a code or word. Maybe I thought you unscramble a word like in Muddled, Million Dollar Password or TextTwist Turbo but it's not like that at all.

    Finally Enigma Machine lite version comes out and there are instructions within and I love it. Instant purchase for me at $2 for full version of Enigma Machine. Now you might think this is a clone of the classic Mastermind (Masterbrain is my favorite version on iphone) game but with letters. Well not exactly since in Mastermind you can go through the process of elimination by putting say all blues to eliminate that color. In Enigma Machine every guess requires a valid word. If your trying to guess what 5 letter word it is then you MUST guess a 5 letter word each time. On the ticker it shows how many letters are correct (nothing to do with positioning like in Mastermind) just saying those letters are contained within the word your trying to decode. Then on the paper thing tap it for fullscreen history of your words. Tap once to mark red and tap again to mark green. On the right side it'll show the # of correct guesses of letters if any within that word. This is useful for identifying correct letters. Then on the typewriter keys you can mark green /red letters your absolutely sure of.

    Anyway I watched Valkyrie tonight and was pumped I guess with the WWII Hilter theme so maybe I got over excited a bit. Quick note for those trying the lite version and think it's easy you are correct 3 letter words are super easy. 4 letter word will give you much more of a challenge. Five letter words are even more so. So the lite version is just showing you how it plays.

    Developer has a nice video on his site showing gameplay which I can't remember if it was there on launch day or not.

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    Thanks for the review. I've been eyeing this since it came out. I guess I'll pick it up tonight.
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    Interesting twist to Mastermind.

    I love the game and hate it at the same time.

    This leaves me on the fence about a word version of the same..

    I think I'll watchlist it for awhile and add the lite to my backlog for now.
  4. On sale for $1...still one of my favorite word games. Like I said previously lite version doesn't do it justice though since 3 letters words aren't any fun. Only gets you used to the idea and controls / elimination methods, etc. 4 and 5 letters words though are fun and a challenge to solve.
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    I am not sure of the historical accuracy of this game!!!
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    Nice find.
    Downloading now.
    So many games So many Games!
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    Historical accuracy? I guess you're right...Hill Billy provides an accurate depiction of the Hatfields and McCoys, while Galaxy on Fire is a realistic one of our current economy (at least in name). :p
  8. Carlos-Sz

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    @ mrbass

    Nice find.

    I like the lite version. Interesting gameplay and a nice production.

    Does the full version have statistics or something?
  9. It doesn't keep track of stats. Gives you a ranking like 6 or 7 after you complete each word.
  10. NotYou

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    Sep 22, 2008
    Is this tougher than mastermind? I loved that game for a while, but it got boring once I figured out how to beat it every time.
  11. soup

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    Feb 5, 2009
    theoretically must be a lot harder than mastermind because instead of only 1-9 posibilities per space you have 26 (although obiously not all the time due to the lack of words with Zs and Qs in the middle of them) but you know what i mean !
  12. Carlos-Sz

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    Nov 5, 2008

    I hope the developer add statistics such as time played, average time per enigma, average ranking, best ranking, worst ranking and number of enigmas played.
  13. MaskU2See

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    Oct 21, 2008
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    Very kool game.
    Dig the UI and the concept.

    Two cons, I am not digging the apps icon and it would be nice to have a
    statistics page or a history of your stats/words cracked.

    Highly recommend this game.
    I normally do not like word games, but love logic games.
    This game has held my interest for most of the day today.

    Devs, please change the icon and add some kind of statistic/score sheet.
    Great job!
  14. MaskU2See

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    Oct 21, 2008
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    When it says "telegram for you agent", is there a way to read it?
    Or does it say this at random times, for no reason?

  15. lafuria

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    Apr 22, 2009
    This was definitely a good buy, a nice combo of Mastermind and word games, and the setting/visuals are excellent. I agree with the previous poster though that a better icon and stats/board are musts, so far so good though.
  16. MaskU2See

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    Oct 21, 2008
    Philly, USA
    One more thing that I wish can be added in the next update!
    Ability to save the game in progress when the app is exited.
  17. GatorDeb

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    Feb 1, 2009
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    The goal in Enigma Machine is to guess a 3- to 5-letter word.

    When you first start the app you can go to the options or start the game. In Options you can choose 3-, 4-, or 5- letter words, sound or no sound, view very detailed instructions, and view the game credits.

    When you press play, you get a little backstory that you are trying to defeat the Nazis with this word decoder. From here you can view the very detailed instructions or you can press play. When you press play, you are greeted with what looks to be an old machine. You have five blank spots on the top, the submit (Key Word) button to the top right, and your "roll" of guessed words to the top left. On the right there's a counter that spins are your guess is validated. On the bottom there's a red/green button that when pressed allows you to highlight letters you have already tried, which makes the game a whole lot easier. Tap the red/green button to activate it, then tap a letter once to turn it red (not part of the word), twice to turn it green (part of the word).

    An interesting part of the game is that any word submitted for validation has to be a word. So that if you know that E is part of the word, you can't search fds because it's not a word. You have to search fed, set, etc. Another interesting part is that the same letter may appear more than once in the same word but will also count as one letter being right. So if the word is AHA and you have HAS, it will show you have two correct letters. This makes it more challenging.

    You key in what you think the word is and press Key Word and after a lengthy delay the game tells you how many letters you got right (but not whether they're on the right spot or not and not even which letter).

    If you tap on the "paper roll" on the top left, you can scroll through all of your guesses, tap a letter once to put a red mark over it, tap again to put a green circle over it. This doesn't affect the letters on the keyboard (that's what the red/green button is for) but it may help you figure it out. On the bottom you can Start Over, view the options, and Hide the roll (Go Back would be a much better name).

    There's some ominous music and there's sound effects as you select the letters and a ticking noise as your guess is validated. After solving the word or giving up you can view the definitions. If you quit the app, your game is saved and you get the option to restart it when you start the app up again. This is a very nice touch and added in an update.

    The one complaint that I have with this game are the loading times. Long loading times to start the app, to start the round, and every... single... time... you submit a guess to be validated, it takes a long time. If this last loading time is to make the game more suspenseful, I think it misses the mark and it's just annoying. If it's due to technical issues, maybe it can be optimized. It would also be great if instead of 5 blanks all the time, it showed only 4 or 3 if not all five letters are being guessed.

    At $2 this is a good word-guessing game and has enough aids that keep it from becoming frustrating. Recommended if you're looking for something to pass the time with and has pretty much infinite replay value. There's a Lite version available also.
  18. markx2

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    Dec 28, 2008
    I agree about the initial loading times. They are very slow compared to anything else I have.
    But when submitting a word I quite like that countdown. It's only a few seconds and I think it fits the style of the game, fits the pace. If it were too fast the game might feel like a race.

    - speed up that initial loading as you say
    - some idea of the scoring levels and how they are achieved. I've had a 5 / 6 / 7 and I'm sure the 5 was a luckyish calculated guess. So that would mean a 1 would be a first submitted word fluke. In keeping with the style of game that could indeed happen but not knowing how many guesses means I'm in the dark there.

    Clever game though, really like it.
  19. This is scary this is one of my favorite word games but seems to have been abandoned as one can't load it with 3.0 OS. I'm afraid we'll see more and more of these where the dev has zero incentive to keep paying dev fee every year to Apple and just leaving their app / game incompatible with OS 4.0 or OS 5.0 or whatever. Nintendo DS games never have this issue 3 or 4 years later so Apple must be really changing the APIs around too much.
  20. starjimstar

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    Sep 28, 2008
    Interesting to note that the British Prime Minister just posthumously apologized for the treatment of Alan Turing.


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