Endless Run Santa Rush

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    Endless Run Santa Rush is a brand-new endless runner inspired by the spirit of upcoming Christmas! In this exciting running game, Santa Clause is the main character who rides his reindeer coming for every family to send his gracious Christmas gift! Play as Santa Claus and outrun the shrieking challenging snowy tracks as you turn, jump and slide your way across the snowy mysterious land. Can you take him to the sleigh before Christmas Eve? Join and experience the most thrilling running experience on the white snowy roads and clear skies!

    Endless Run Santa Rush is famous for its feature of never ending game, however this game story take place in a snowy land, Santa also can’t bare the cold weather, and besides a lot of robbers is going to snatch his Christmas gifts. Will help him out? No doubt that the premise will be to run as rapidly and far as you’re possibly can to avoid being trapped in this ice land!

    Endless Run Santa Rush is a free running game that brings you thrill and excitement of a fantasy super action and outrunning experience! Now test your reflexes as you race down ice land. Swipe to turn, jump and slide to avoid obstacles. Collect more coins to buy more power ups upgrade your skills to see how far you can run with this spitting Endless Run Santa Rush!

    Endless Run Santa Rush features:
    -play Santa Clause to run in a mysterious ice land
    -free endless running arcade game
    -stunning optimized HD graphics
    -sensitive and intuitive touch controls
    -the environment changes as you run-test your reflex
    -winding snowy roads to test your agility
    -collect more coins to upgrade
    -more power ups available
    -new obstacles

    Endless Run Santa Rush gameplay:
    -swipe to turn right or turn left
    -jump or slide down to avoid obstacles
    -tilt your devices to change direction
    -pick up coins to upgrade skills
    -fetch Multiplier to DOUBLE coins
    -Grab more Christmas gifts for family

    Download the cutting-edge running game and play as the cute Santa Clause to send Christmas gifts for children and families

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