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Endless Frontier is the best in idle role playing games for commanding your army of knights in a free and casual gaming …
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Endless Frontier is the best in idle role playing games for commanding your army of knights in a free and casual gaming experience.

Take the battle online with tactical pvp multiplayer games, collect hundreds of relics and ancient artifacts along the way and level up with no limitations in this thrilling inflation role playing game!

■ Game features

- Best leave-alone game that levels up automatically!
New concept of leave-alone games! Offline hikes!
You can hike up the stages, even if you’re out of battery!

- Brilliant combat of 12 unique units!
Auto combat is the new trend! Amazing special skills of units that are fun to watch!
Experience the fun and extravagant combat that will make you focus on the game!

- Easy economy system that does not require a tutorial!
No more difficult quests! Easy quests that are fun to click on!
Use gold that you can automatically earn to level up your units!

- Get reborn to become stronger: Revival system!
Are the enemies too strong, making it difficult to pass the stage?
[Revive] to earn or strengthen more powerful units!

- Plethora of endless scenario battles!
Experience the magical fantasy battle background of 9,000 ceaseless stages!

- Over 100 characters from different races!
Get your own unique and powerful units from Humans, Elves, Undead, and Orcs!
Level up! Enhance! Evolve! Transcend! Open the necessary skills and abilities to strengthen your units however you want!

- User battles: PVP
Fierce four-day league battle! Battle Arena!
The final winner of the league is recorded on the Hall of Honor!

- Exiting hiking race: Daily ranking battle!
Race to the highest stage in a 24 hour period!
You can earn useful rewards based on your rank.

- Massive 200 vs 200 group battle: Guild battle!
Spectacular battle of the powerful heroes and their elite units to represent each race!
Experience the huge scale and exciting guild battles!

- Appearance of frightening world bosses: Guild Raid!
Face a dominating force with unparalleled power that fills the screen!
Join forces with guild members to defeat the frightening world boss!

- Pet evolution and awakening: Pet system!
Clear the Spirit Highland to get one of over 50 powerful but cute pets!
Awaken your hero’s best friend to get your ultimate skill!

- Super fun deck making: Tower of Trial!
Enjoy developing tactics by mixing up your units!
It can be easier to clear stages by utilizing the different strengths of races and units!

- Fun farming of dungeon monsters!
Different dungeons are opened on different days, so defeat the dungeon bosses and earn your artifact materials!
There are over 20 unique and powerful dungeon monsters!

- Hundreds of rare relics!
Use the artifact materials you earn in dungeons to get powerful and rare artifacts!
Unleash powerful set effects by obtaining different artifacts with the same name!

- Special gifts in the game: Treasure chests!
Users who don’t leave the game alone, but concentrate on the game can receive special gifts!
Click on the treasure chest that appears in stages to earn various resources!

- Splash magic skill of the Knightage!
The devil’s skills draw upon the power of lightning, rain and earth. Attack enemies with humongous stones!
Choose massive and powerful magic attacks that fill up the entire screen!"

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Release:Feb 15, 2016
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