Enabling Xbox models for A4 Devices (CHECK IT OUT!)

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    In Grand Theft Auto 3 for iOS, Rockstar Games decided to cater the A5 devices such as the iPhone 4s and the New iPad and decided to give the older PC models to A4 devices and lower. Since Dan007 in his earlier post never told us about the xbox models, so i decided to try it myself and am here to show you. If you prefer the classic GTA 3 vehicles and want them semi-hi-poly, then you may want to read this.

    All you need to perform this mod is:
    *a copy of GTA 3 (obviously):p
    *A Windows PC or Mac with Crossover
    * GTA Image Tool

    Now, R* was nice to give us both sets of vehicles and models right in the game files no matter what device you have. As most of you may know, that in order to mod GTA on an A4 device you use the oldveh_prv.img file and for A5 devices gta3_pvr.img (don't forget about the .dir files). Well this is very helpful since those high poly models are right in the gta3_pvr.img file. So open iExplorer and img tool. In the rockstargames.gta3ios...folder open the gta3.app folder and find the gta3_pvr.img and the .dir files and drag them to your desktop. (do not drag them to a folder since you will get a .temp file instead of you wanted files). There are two ways to do this. the first and easiest way is to just rename the gta3_pvr.img and the .dir to oldveh_pvr.img and .dir and replace the old. WARNING back up the old oldveh files since this procedure is unstable and causes the game to crash a lot, although the game can launch occasionally, this method is not recommended. Now, for the best method, open the gta3_pvr.img file in img tool and command-> extract all and only the vehicles to a preferred folder. You are now done with the gta3_pvr files. now go into iExplorer and copy the oldveh_pvr files to the desktop and open the .img in img tool. Now delete all the vehicles and ONLY the vehicles and replace them with the ones extracted earlier. And File->close
    img tool. MAKE SURE YOU BACKED UP THE OLDVEH_PVR.IMG AND THE .DIR FILES IN CASE YOU WANT TO GO BACK TO THE ORIGINAL VEHICLES. Now you are done,now drag the new files into iExplorer and say yes to the delete warnings.

    HAVE FUN with the semi-hi-poly vehicles!!!!!!!! any questions just reply. :D:)

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