Emperor’s Dice : Clash of Fate

"Three great kingdoms have unleashed their swords, their brave heroes prepared to roll through lands and conquer al…
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"Three great kingdoms have unleashed their swords, their brave heroes prepared to roll through lands and conquer all foes. No one will stand between them and their goal: ruling all of China. Forts will fall. Men will fight to the death. Commanders will turn the tide on their last breaths. In the end, only one kingdom will remain. Will it be yours?

In Emperor’s Dice, choose a sovereign to lead you into combat as you wage war around the game board. Play alone or PvP, but never on a whim; these kingdoms take advantage of your mistakes. Roll the dice to see where you land, and then prepare for battle. Enemies wait at each stop, but if you can beat a foe, you take control by occupying the lands, upgrading the castle, and collecting taxes. Special tiles will give you huge advantages over your enemies. Trigger the volcano to erupt, raining disaster on your foes. Recruit scattered troops to your army and upgrade your generals. In the heat of battle, use these wisely if you want to win. Of course, as opponents are vanquished, your army will grow, but you must never let your guard down. Others desire to take your lands and will not hesitate to attack.

It’s hard to find a game quite as addicting as this. Emperor’s Dice combines the board game action of Monopoly/Blue Marble with the strategy of Three Kingdoms. Instead of upgrading houses, you upgrade your forces. Opposing players fight your heroes instead of buying your property, and when you pass go on this game, be prepared for another fight. The quick tutorial will have you playing like a pro in no time, and that’s a good thing. No kingdom will go down without a fight.

Product Features:
• Choose from Single Player or Real-Time Multiplayer Mode
• Awesome Graphics and Themed Music
• Collect Heroic Commanders and Soldiers
• Power-Up Your Sovereign for Victory
• Daily Bonuses Just for Playing!
• Ranking System with Sweet Rewards
• Promotion System for Max Level Commanders
• Play at Hot Times for Coin and Ranking Score Bonuses!
• Upgrade! Shop for Cards, Elixir, Dice, Boosts, and More!"

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Genre:Board, Strategy
Release:Dec 28, 2015
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