Emoji Keyboard Shortcut Extension - One Keyboard for both typing and emojis!

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    Hello Everyone,

    Have you bored to switch between normal keyboard and emoji keyboard? Here is a good keyboard let you type and quick access to all system emojis with shortcut. It’s Emoji Keyboard Shortcut Extension™ and it’s free! :eek:


    Emoji Keyboard Shortcut Extension™ - One keyboard for both typing and emoji!

    To use this keyboard, only type shortcut like “lol”, “:)" or anything in your mind, emojis will be suggested in real time. This is real custom keyboard for iOS. So, It’s mean you can use this keyboard in any apps on your iPhone.

    There are over 1000 emojis bundled including all system emojis, some text art and Japanese emoticons. Stop awkwardly switch between normal and emoji keyboard!


    - Custom keyboard for iOS 8
    - Over 1000+ emojis, text art and Japanese emoticons
    - Emoji suggestion bar
    - Fast access to emojis with shortcut
    - Emoji grid view
    - Preview emoji before send out (default is off)
    - Keyboard clicks sound
    - Extension for iOS 8 device
    - Support for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

    Before you can use this keyboard in any apps on your iPhone, you have to add this keyboard to iOS settings first.
    Go to iOS Settings > General > Keyboard > Keyboards > Add New Keyboard > Choose "EmojiKeyboardShortcutExt™” > enable ‘allow full access’

    To use this keyboard, go to any app that display the system keyboard > tap and hold on globe icon on the keyboard > Choose "EmojiKeyboardShortcutExt™”

    Emoji Keyboard Shortcut Extension™
    Download free on App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/emoji-keyboard-shortcut-extension/id942810427?mt=8

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