Apple TV Emoji+ Infinity - The Limitless Poo Jumper Tapper Arcade TV Edition (Ad Free)

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    Mar 2, 2014
    The most addictive and fun jumper game is HERE! Select your favorite emoticons from the list, and tap,jump,swipe,rush,run easily. Which EMOJI do you prefer the best? Chicken, cow, frog, duck, panda, cat, snowman, whale, pinguin, ghost, rabbit, koala, snake, bird, pacman, poo, or octopus? It’s all up to you. TIMING is essentials in this ENDLESS arcade hopper game. Feel yourself as a HERO, after escape from the impossible geometry cube puzzles. Sounds good? It’s a lot harder than you think! It’s a great FUN not just only for smartphones, but also for the new Apple TV.

    Download NOW this awesome app, and get top 1 on leaderboard by jump as far as you can.


    • 90+ Levels!
    • 15+ Characters!
    • Emoji Style!
    • Addictive gameplay
    • Tap to jump
    • Swipe to change lane
    • Double tap to jump over the gaps

    New features coming soon:
    • More and better balanced levels!
    • More eligible characters
    • Harder game puzzles







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