EMMA – Action Adventure Game

Oriol Sanz Arenas
EMMA is a challenging action adventure platformer game based on a potent central mechanic: all the platforms and walls s…
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EMMA is a challenging action adventure platformer game based on a potent central mechanic: all the platforms and walls start disappearing progressively when you touch them! Think, strategize and run in a surrealistic 2D puzzle platformer game, where everything you touch fades away... ---more--- Poetic, surrealistic and melancholic, EMMA offers a unique experience of adventure in a strange and dangerous world. Touch the walls to make them disappear, giving you access to the next part of the level! The main character, Emma, is young, vibrant and intriguing: she leaves her home following an owl and soon loses herself in a world which she slowly finds more and more dangerous. Lose yourself with Emma, but don’t forget to overcome all the obstacles and find the way to the exit! Once you start playing, the character starts running automatically: control her jumps, wall jumps and special abilities, which include double jump, dash and climb. However, those abilities are not always there… The deeper you go into the main story, the more abilities Emma will lose. Challenge yourself to reach the end by only jumping, running and bouncing off walls! And then there’s the feather. Throughout the game, you will find that every single level has a special item: a simple feather. Don’t forget to collect all of them throughout the levels to reveal the background and unlock additional content! The unique artistic style of EMMA will guide you throughout the game. All the animation is elegantly hand-drawn, including the sceneries, characters and backdrops. The game combines real imagery with surreal and strange elements tied to Emma’s imagination. There are 5 different worlds in the game, and each one of them has its own shapes, colour scheme and lighting. Try out EMMA to experience an exclusive artistic reality and overcome all 5 worlds, each one with a different theme! The unique artistic style of the platformer and the delicate background story will allow you to immerse yourself completely in the mood of the game, meanwhile the dynamic fade away mechanic will make the gaming experience challenging and intriguing. Download EMMA now and let the adventure begin! Features: • One fast and simple mechanic: all the platforms and walls start disappearing when you touch them! • The character runs automatically at a fixed speed! Control her special abilities (double jump, dash and climb) and do your best to react at the correct time. • Minimalistic 2D artistic style completely drawn by hand. • Dynamic gameplay in a poetic and eccentric world. • Single-screen levels which combine skill and ingenuity with planification and strategy. • Two game modes: Main Story and Memory Chest. Complete the Main Story first to enjoy the levels in Memory Chest! • Delicate reflexion on memory through a story about adventure and loss.
Seller:Oriol Sanz Arenas
Genre:Action, Puzzle
Release:Aug 16, 2019
Updated:Oct 02, 2019
Size:128.7 MB
TouchArcade Rating:Unrated
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Compatibility:HD Universal