Android Elves Clan: Tricky Seasons - The cutest anti-heroes came to make you "laugh" XD!

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    Dec 3, 2020
    In Elves Clan: Tricky Seasons you have to help these roguish elves to reach Chicho's house and ruin his day. To accomplish that, you must destroy the cutest creatures, collect the tricky piranhas and watch out for every obstacle that appears from nowhere. So sharpe your memory and reflexes to conquer this challenge where rage will be your worst enemy.

    This game was created by myself with the Elves Clan Collective to send a positive message donating 20% of the income to the Mamá Lis foundation (Fundación Mamá Lis), a Venezuelan foundation that helps children and adolescents overcome cancer.

    To download the game go to or click here

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