Universal Elune Saga - Hybrid RPG Launching Dec. 3

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    GAMEVIL's Elune Saga is launching tomorrow (December 3) on App Store!

    This game is a hybrid RPG where you collect and evolve cards, train a party of heroes, and use strategy to win battles and compete against the world. Here's the OFFICIAL TRAILER:


    • RPG+TCG: Tactically defeat enemies by using heroes and collectible cards.
    • Hundreds of Cards: Collect, enhance, and equip over 200 Soul cards to give your heroes unique attacks.
    • Element System: Use different combinations of Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water to inflict the highest amount of damage.
    • Diverse Gameplay: Discover the world of Elune Saga through the story-based Adventure, competitive PvP arena, and endless Dungeon modes.





    Follow/"Like" Elune Saga on Facebook for more info and updates: http://www.facebook.com/EluneSagaGAMEVIL

    See you in the game!
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    Sep 13, 2014
    i seriously hope this is not another auto battler. Honestly, gameplay is there so you can"play" the game, not watch it play by itself... Gamevil convinsed me with Spirit Stones early on that they can make good freemium games (as good as reasonably expected) again recently with Darkness reborn. I hope this has engaging gameplay because it looks great as usual!
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    May 9, 2012
    Think I actually signed up early for a bonus pack or something on this game although I don't know much about the game.

    I use to like Gamevil a lot but for a while now it's been too grindy or IAP filled

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