Element Bender: Assault of the Steam Machines - an indie action/strategy/defense game

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    Element Bender: Assault of the Steam Machines is a defense-style iOS game combining action and strategy! As you progress, you will learn the element-bending powers of Earth, Air, Water and Fire. Use boulders, earthquakes, wind gusts, tornados, freezing ice, waves, explosive runes, fireballs and much more to fend off steam-powered machines intent on destroying the Spirit Tree and extinguishing magic from the world.

    Each enemy has different vulnerabilities and susceptibilities to the different elements, encouraging you to be strategic in which powers you learn and use against them! Each level requires a certain strategy to pass it, but each attempt also varies the enemy placement to keep you on your toes. As the enemies grow larger and more numerous, you'll have to think quickly to defeat them!


    Will you master one element first in lieu of learning the other elements? Will you become a novice at all the elements before delving into mastery of any? The choices are yours to make. Each experience is unique, and the replayability is infinite!



    - 16 element-bending powers, each with 3 levels of upgrades

    - Over a dozen (and counting!) different steampunk-inspired robotic enemies

    - A global leaderboard and in-game achievements

    - Unlimited replayability!


    Coming Q2 2015 for all iOS devices.


    I'm an indie developer that has done all the illustration, animation, and coding myself. It's been a fun, rewarding, and challenging process! I'm running a Kickstarter campaign to wrap it up and possibly expand the scope:


    You can also follow game development on Facebook:


    I'd love to hear any thoughts on the game! Thanks!

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