Universal Election Road - The Elections are coming!

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    Election Road

    Gonzalo Barandiaran
    Genres: Games Arcade Entertainment
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    Hello there!

    The Elections are coming. Are you ready to vote?

    Election Road is a simple and addictive arcade game for both Android and iOS.

    Help your favored US political party, Democrat or Republican, and use the power of a mind-changing laser-shooting backpack to convert supporters of the opposite team to yours across many US cities such as Washington DC, New York and Las Vegas.

    But be careful who you aim for, as hitting supporters of your own party could tip the balance in the wrong direction.

    Election road game is a proxy for election polling. What party has the most determination can be measured by playing Election Road.

    Election Road is already available on the App Store and Google Play. However the game will only be active until the US Elections on November 8th. So hurry up and help your party!

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