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    Egg Catch Challenge is a brain-teaser arcade puzzle game where you have to tap the screen left or right to spin the circles such as to match the color of the falling eggs. Egg Catch Challenge fun puzzle tap-tap game is something that will test your brain, reflexes, and concentration. The game is super challenging, genuinely captivating, and irritatingly amusing – created for all age groups such as men, women, kids, elderly, etc. It has awesome graphics with simple and intriguing sound effects.

    The Egg Catch Challenge is a tapping endless puzzle game with two colored circles to be controlled in sync for the color of falling eggs. On top of the screen, you’ll see two colorful birds sitting on two horizontal tree-branches and laying colored eggs down every second (seems quite imaginative though!). When the eggs start dropping down, you have to tap either side of the screen to switch the color of the circles in such a way that both circles match the color of the eggs. With this seemingly simple gameplay, you continue scoring as long as you maintain the right color combination between circles and eggs. Failing to get a match of colors means the play is over, and you have to start again. However, you can continue playing this game for as long as you want. There will be no ads and no in-app purchases when you buy this game for a small fraction of the price and enjoy playing online as well as offline.

    If you want a game that will challenge you, this Egg Catch Challenge brain training puzzle game is great for you. The game has three playing modes; easy, medium, and hard. Easy mode has circles with two colors, the medium mode has circles with three colors, and hard mode has circles with four colors – making the gameplay suitable for everyone from beginners to all the way to experts. The game will test your mental sharpness, hand-eye coordination, agility, patience, and observation skills as you have fun.

    The gameplay and idea of this colorful Egg Catch Challenge tap-tap puzzle game is simple yet difficult enough to challenge you. With the growing scorecard, the game speed also increases to make it more challenging. Plus, the hard mode of this addictive fun arcade game will rip the players to shreds. It is great for mind workout and requires deep concentration. Just a single mistake and you are out of the game.

    Have fun of playing this brain stimulation Egg Catch Challenge tap-tap circle game! This is a real brain teaser color puzzle so get ready for the challenge.

    Egg Catch Challenge Features:

    ● Endless fun tapping arcade puzzle game

    ● Three difficulty modes to play

    ● Colorful circles and eggs

    ● Awesome graphics and sound effects

    ● No Ads, No In-App Purchases

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