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    It was in the Edo era, during a time of chaos.
    People were threatened by foul Daikan bureaucrats and thieves.

    There was an Okappiki (detective) who captured them using Zeni coins as a weapon.

    His coins are flying over the city of Edo to save people from evil tonight.

    < Game instruction>
    1.Tilt the iPhone to the left and the character moves to the left.
    2.Tilt the iPhone to the right and the character moves to the right.
    3.Tap the screen to throw a coin.

    If the coin hits an enemy, the enemy will fall from roof.
    Falling enemy can pull other enemy around in its fall.
    A player can get double score by upon completion of stages.

    If you make a gesture on screen, throw out zeni changes.

    <Gesture List>
    [DOWN, UP]
    Zeni is thrown out at high speed.
    cause an earthquake.
    Zeni which is homing is thrown out.
    Zeni is thrown out in three ways.

    <Term explanation>
    "Okappiki" means a detective or secret policeman in the Edo era.
    "Zeni" are what we now call coins.
    "Daikan" means a bureaucrat.
    "Ninja" means a spy or assassin.
    "Edo era" is a Japanese era, from 1603 to 1867, during which Japan was governed by Samurai of the Edo Shogunate.
    What's new

    - Bug fixed.
    - Gesture track show.


    Yes, I'm going to kill you. But with this gun. Not that gun. This gun.

    TOFTT Anyone?
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