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    Hey guys!

    You know how you play a game and then you look at all the writing and wonder to yourself, "who wrote this"?

    Well if you're a developer, I'm here to help! I've edited for authors, indie developers, university students and more!

    If you're interested in getting your text looked at, I offer free sample editing for up to 200 words.
    For proofreading, the usual rate is 1 cent per word.
    In-depth developmental editing is usually 2 cents per word.
    Writing is very negotiable, feel free to contact me with your ideas!

    You can send me a message through TouchArcade, or email me at vladimir@knightofsnow.com

    I have a website too, where you can find out more information:

    Plus, mention you're from TouchArcade and you can get 25% off developmental editing before December 4th!

    Thanks guys, hope you have a wonderful day and reach out if you need my services!

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