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    Maximus Ludos Studios is a newly formed game developement studio from Amsteram. Founded in 2017, our mission and goal is to create fun and educational entertainment products for users of all ages.

    At this moment, we are developing a new maze-puzzle adventure game is coming soon on three platforms: #AppStore #GooglePlay and #Steam - ECHOES:

    10 exciting levels
    Build your own labyrinth
    Shape the game for other players
    Magical graphics and chill music
    Challenging puzzles

    While playing the game player will:
    • Stimulate all the senses
    • Increase the focus
    • Improve geometry and architectural skills
    • Find out everything about colors
    • Broden up creativity
    Once a peaceful place, The Selene Forest, is now under the outbreak of the dark clouds. Kana, the ruler of light and her child Echoes are the only one that can fight the darkness, spreading trough their home.

    Unfortunately, the storm took Echoes away from Kana. The only way that the darkness could be stopped, is finding a way back for Echoes, through the mazes in the Selene Forest, that now are dark and stormy. You are Echoes! Try to find your way out!


    Echoes has its own "Build Your Own Level" segment, where you can create your own levels and share them with the other players from our community.
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    Be the first notified about Echoes launch, get your promo code and subscribe at
    CONTACT: [email protected]

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