iPhone Echoes of Aeons (iPad)- An RPG by Alchimia Studios (In development)

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    Hey guys. We are Alchimia Studios and we have our upcoming debut game "Echoes of Aeons" to show you today. We have been hard at work on this for the past 9 months we are currently looking at about another 7-8 months on this project. We will be be releasing for both iPhone and iPad in addition to other platforms, and yes all of the assets are in retina resolution.



    We want the world to feel alive with all kinds of movement, glows, lighting, particles and more as you can see in the video and images below. As of right now we are still in the early stages of building, but we do have a good portion of the core systems working and a bunch of art.

    Being long time frequenters to the site you can expect us update this thread as we continue development.

    - Combo slot system that allows you to allocate melee attacks you learn into your own unique order of execution.

    - Elemental rune system that will unlock more powerful spells during combat by stacking and weaving spells and runes.

    - Skill Tree that allows you to specialize your character your way, does not punish you for not being linear.

    - Strategic combat, decision making during and before combat matters.

    - 15+ Bosses.

    - 20+ Hours of Gameplay and Epic Storyline (think Final Fantasy).

    - Gorgeous hand-painted backgrounds and rotoscoped animations.

    - 2.5d Perspective, Parallaxed Backgrounds, Depth of Field blur, Particles and more

    The game will follow Eldric, a young man that was orphaned in his youth, who unknown to himself, is one of the Descended; and Rin the daughter Heir to the throne of Lusec, a peaceful nation on the brink of war due to lies and treachery. As they get thrown into the chaos that is brewing in Terra, their fates eventually cross, and they must overcome all obstacles as they learn who is really pulling the strings in their world - that the fate of not only Terra, but of an unknown world lost to the ages, is riding on their shoulders.

    Get lost in the rich lore of the worlds and watch the story unfold through cut-scenes, a cast of unlikely heroes, and the wonderful emotion driven soundtrack!

    Screenshots & Art:


    A Desoraptor. Enemy unit from our unreleased as of yet desert zone:


    Here is some footage from our PRE-ALPHA.

    We're also running a Kickstarter, make sure to check it out and share or like if you care to. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1526780831/echoes-of-aeons
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    Looks good. Too bad it's so far away from completion.

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