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    "Get Ebola Endless FREE on Google Play"


    Ebola Endless by Zoolax inc.​


    Help the research for an Ebola Vaccine by playing for free.
    *** Unlock Many Achievements ***
    *** Google Play Game Leader Board ***
    A percentage of the earnings from this game will go to Ebola medical research.
    Fly a rocket ship to fight the Ebola virus and to find a cure.
    The vaccine rocket ship will destroy the worldwide Ebola pandemic.
    You have to guide your vaccine ship to avoid contact with the Ebola virus while it is distributing the cure on the nearby viruses.

    This is the kind of game that you can play either sitting in your dorm or during a quick break.
    There are high caution alerts for the Ebola virus all around the world.
    And as a developer, we made this game in order to donate to Canadian Ebola research on a monthly basis.
    We do not need you to donate directly; just play the game, share it with your friends and keep in touch with us on social networks.

    So keep trying & retrying this game and set new records.
    *Help us donate to Ebola research by playing for free
    *Easy to pick up and play
    *Simple touch
    *Set a new record everyday
    *The more you play, the more we will donate to Ebola research
    *Share it with your friends
    *Simple but high quality graphics
    *Gameplay will be regularly updated and improved

    Leave us a rating and spread the word by sharing this game with your friends & family.
    Take part in the battle against the Ebola virus and letÂ’s reach the glory of finding a vaccine.

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