Fei Wang
Just as what predicts in the Mayan Calendar prophecies, Earthquakes, Tsunamis have submerged most Asian countries. Volca…
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Just as what predicts in the Mayan Calendar prophecies, Earthquakes, Tsunamis have submerged most Asian countries. Volcanic eruptions have enveloped the sky above North America countries. Every country on earth strives to seek ways to survive. On the other hand, as the damages continue to get worse, the fight and competition over limited natural resources among countries become fiercer than ever. However, natural disasters are just the beginning of the sorrow. The old world is completely destroyed, and a new world is at the corner. “XX War”, the darkest Era in history. Human beings are doomed to suffer the most distraught and exploited lives ever. People create every possible method to survive from diseases and massacres. Hopeless, the world is now totally out of control. Massive abuses of false technologies and science bring in the most advanced ways of living, but they also wipe out the civilization, humanity and spirit of the society. As it progresses, the earth is soon under the dominance of three authorities, ‘Sun Empire’, the newly founded country which is made of only mutants, ‘Human Union’, which is made of the original humans, and the ‘Eagle’s Paradise’, which consists of the top supercomputer system. Endless bloody fights and wars among the three powers, the world is never in peace again. After years and years of invasions and murders, there is nothing left on the surface of earth, but bodies and remains. Everyone wants to escape this aridity any time. The outer space is on target. After numerous research, exploration and investigation, they finally decide to go Pado – the best planet they find to reside. From the year of 2037 and after, more and more humans and mutants from various civilizations begin to immigrate in Pado. However, it is not the start of Peace, but the beginning of a new series of wars. Continuation of Wars and the Desperate. Pado is then divided by the three powers again. Every piece of land is the booty of the cruelest ruler, captured by the most dangerous weapons. “Sun Empire”: in which the mutant survivors live, are unfortunately radiated and infected by incurable virus from chemical weapons. They are unable to preserve humans’ last identities. Now, they are hybrids of mutants and machine, with human brains and in-body weapons. A completely new civilization of, half man and half machine creature, comes on to thrive. They not only possess the excellent attack skills, they also have the most severe defense systems. Now, “Sun Empire” has the most powerful army ever in its history. ‘Human Union’: the last original human being survivors from Asia, Mid East and Europe, still continue the traditional culture and society. They constructed effective national defense policy and lay appropriate stress on societal production and development. In the cold-blooded lasting warfare among the other two authorities, the Human Alliance does not stop from seeking for new power to strengthen itself. ‘Eagle’s Paradise: since , Northern American countries have joined together for inventing the absolute supercomputer system, “XX”, which will protect these countries from natural disasters and wars. Enlightened by wars, the Artificial Intelligent Military started the most terrible coup. After a few months, the Artificial Intelligent Military dominate the country at last. They use the supercomputer internet to unite the nation to form a giant Matrix, “Paradise”. “Paradise” consumes an unimaginable large quantity of resources. Massive weapons are soon produced and are ready for any major attacks in battles.
Seller:Fei Wang
Release:Jan 12, 2017
Updated:Mar 02, 2023
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