Earth Invaders 3D

Planet earth needs you to stand with the last human survivors of an alien invasion. Together…
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Planet earth needs you to stand with the last human survivors of an alien invasion. Together, you must defend what’s left and recapture our world before all is lost. You’ll have to blast those villains right out of the sky in Earth Invaders 3D, but be careful. Their ammunition produces startling effects. Click “…More” to learn why you should download this App and how to get a special price today!

Aliens have invaded Earth! Their reach has claimed every corner of the planet, nowhere is safe and there’s no place to hide. Mankind is breathing its last breath, making its final stand to take back their precious home from these ruthless warriors. The war between human and alien pollutes our skies. Now, it’s your mission to defend the planet from these Earth Invaders or let it be consumed. The final battle has begun in glorious 3D and you’re feeling the pressure.

It’s all up to you to save the entire planet, jet fighter. Think you can do it? You’ve got to steady your nerves and try or we’ll all die. Wipe your sweaty palms off on your jeans so your hands don’t slip off the controls. You’re going to need as much control and focus as you can muster. Ready? Take a deep breath and get going while you still can.

Watch out! Oh, that blast just missed your wing. Feel that? The explosion was so strong that it shook your iPhone. Careful now, here comes another one. Wow, did you see that building blow up? Absolutely spectacular!

Earth Invaders 3D gives you tunnel firing, so get busy and start annihilating those aliens before they get you. Don’t stop until you’ve saved us all and our beloved planet.

While you’re up there in the clouds, fly by these features and check them out:
* Most amazing, incredible special 3D graphics and effects
* Tunnel firing perspective
* Tons of challengingly tense fun
* Available for a limited at a B-I-G intro sale price of only 99 cents!

Don’t just sit there reading, download Earth Invaders 3D now and climb into your plane. Every second you hesitate puts us all in greater peril.

Good luck, jet fighter and be careful up there.
Genre:Action, Adventure
Release:Oct 22, 2010
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