Dynasty of Dungeons

“You'll want to download the game as soon as it becomes available, don’t miss it.” - Pocket Gamer

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“You'll want to download the game as soon as it becomes available, don’t miss it.” - Pocket Gamer

"Dynasty of Dungeons is not for the faint of heart. Becoming the true Overlord of Edenia will require strength, wits, and a winning mentality." - Gamezebo

Give you a BRAND NEW EXPERIENCE of Dungeons.

************GAME FEATURES************
Full 3D characters and legions of demons for you to command
Choose your war path freely and enlist your conquered foes
Endlesscombinations of ability promote deep strategy
Turn-based tactical battle that relies on sharp wit
Lots of benefits: Daily login gifts and free pack of gifts for noviciates
Conquer other playersall over the world in the PVP Arena

************BACKGROUND STORY************
The continent of Edenia, created long ago by [Dubhe] the World Spirit, has plunged into chaos. Demons of the flaming abyss lie in wait, souls of the ancient dead are reborn under a dark shadow, savage orc hordes stampede through the wilds...Order cannot be restored by a hero—this world needs a tyrant!

*************PLEASE NOTE*************
This is an ONLINE game. Please make sure you have connected to Cellular Data or Wifi before you play.
This game is free to play but you can purchase some items in it with real currency. However, this is not essential to get a perfect game experience.

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Genre:Role Playing, Strategy
Release:Nov 27, 2014
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