Universal Dynamite Fishing World Games (HandyGames)

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    Dynamite Fishing World Games more info on http://handy-games.biz/games/dynamite-fishing-world-games/

    Dynamite Fishing – World Games

    WARNING! All fish in this game are trained stunt fish! Do not attempt to re-create or perform the same or similar stunts at home …your goldfish will not enjoy it!

    Join the fun in this wild fishing action and rush across the seven seas. Fly fishing is boring! Grab your guns and explosives and let’s catch some fish REDNECK STYLE! Forget about idyllic ponds, or beautiful coral reefs. Dynamite Fishing – World Games will ship you to the best fishing spots all over the globe including an awesome jungle adventure! Choose your favorite characters and boats, explore the most daring scenarios and catch as many fish as you can.

    ‘Dynamite Fishing – World Games’ follows the tradition of its successful predecessor Super Dynamite Fishing and offers players the craziest fishing action full of fun. Hunt and hook a boat load of different fish, from bass to shark, and send them flying to the beach with a big BOOM! You’ll make them wish for a peaceful life in a fish tank. Collect coins to increase your top selection of crazy explosive weapons to knock out the sea dwellers the epic way. It’s you vs them, so don’t hesitate to throw TNT, nuclear missiles or other surprise ammunition into the water. The fight against the scaly creatures is on! Let’s show them who rules the ocean!
    Awesome fishing action with unconventional warfare
    More than 10 boats with epic equipment to choose from
    Loads of outfits and accessories for 5 crazy characters
    Many different exotic scenarios with multiple level variations
    Vast variety of fish to catch
    An arsenal of exceptional special weapons to use
    Unique super powers for each character
    Mighty upgrades for boats and angler
    Competitive matches against virtual opponents to rank up in the league table

    It will be out this week!

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