Dwarven Village open beta is available for you.

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    Jun 2, 2018
    Welcome to the village of dwarves!

    Hello all. A few days ago I launched open beta tests of the game over which I worked for 2 years. It's a mobile game with mixed 2D and 3D graphics, like this:


    "Dwarven Village" is a small RPG project created by one person. I'm developing it after working hours. I really like the atmosphere of RPG games. I hope you like it. I'm asking for an opinion, it's very important for me, as for every developer during development.

    In the game, we must destroy the hordes of orcs and regain the land of the dwarves. We have village, where you can earn gold in several different ways, recruit new characters and then fight!


    Game features:
    ️- game mode divided into a village and battlegrounds.
    - 5 character classes (warrior, ice magician, fire magician, rogue, paladin)
    - farm (13 different types of plants)
    - alchemy (various combinations of mixture formation)
    - craft (creating equipment for the character)
    ⚔️ - epic fight mode
    ⚔️ - unlimited huntings

    For more information click link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.qlqart.dwarvenvillage

    You can send feedback here or to an email address: [email protected]


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