Dungeoning - a fantasy incremental RPG

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    It's called Dungeoning, because you go dungeoning.

    It’s a verb.

    A verb that encompasses this funky little game we’re making.

    We’ve all “dungeoned.” Whether on graph paper, with miniatures, online or in our own heads, something draws us to the dungeon.

    But why?

    There are 7 possible “why”s and I doubt anyone is singular in their “why”:
    • Honor
    • Justice
    • Glory
    • Adventure
    • Revenge
    • Plunder
    • Blood

    Adventurers are driven primarily by one of these motivations and secondarily by at least one other. It’s science.

    Science aside (the game is more about magick anyway), here’s a few sentences about what Dungeoning is all about from a self-aware in-game warrior:

    “Dungeoning is a fantasy incremental RPG tribute to all things adventuronious. Combining meaningful idle mechanics with a layer of deep secrets and discovery, the game plays in your pocket but occupies your mind. If you’re wondering why we all dungeon, Dungeoning will give you the answer.”

    -Sir Sweatsalot, Knight of the Tryhards

    The 2-man team at Gunslinger Studios has just begun development on this evil little toy.

    It has upgradeable gear:


    A nav more like Snapchat than mobile games (here's more on that):

    (please note this gif is the prototype, so the art is all placeholder)

    Besides building a Party, making it more powerful, diving deeper dungeons and getting all sorts of upgradable loot, you'll also be on a Hunt for a farfillion collectibles that will unlock content, define your motivations and ultimately lead you toward a showdown with Lord Awful:


    I'll be updating this thread as the game rolls out, but if you want to follow along with the development, Dungeoning is on Twitter @Dungeoning, the Discord is rolling (I'm there everyday discussing progress and opinions) and we'll be taking early testers very soon (instructions to apply at the bottom of this).

    Looking forward to feedback on all things game, art and features!


    Secret Passage: 02b
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    wow, i like it, looks really good!
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    I have been in love with the art style. One of the discord members found the artist posting about it and we have not been able to get enough.

    Looking forward to testing this!
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    Ready to test it!!
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    Is "meaningful idle mechanics" a contradiction in terms?

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