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Strongly recommended new arrival RPG of 2014, 'Dungeon Fantasy Online'

No more PC MMORPG!
You can pl…
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Strongly recommended new arrival RPG of 2014, 'Dungeon Fantasy Online'

No more PC MMORPG!
You can play MMORPG on your smartphone!
World's first legit mobile MMORPG 'Dungeon Fantasy Online'!

More than 1,000 of quests, 17 kinds of fun and tough instance dungeons, customizing UI setting, combat systems, and community systems are waiting you now!

Dungeon Fantasy Online is a massive multi-play online game which supports real time communication between users and events.

-This is why DFO rocks

1. 4 Classes are united by 2 power relations
Warrior and Strider are Human Alliance
Mage and Hell Breaker are Elf Union
Ant more than 2,000 items are waiting you!

2. Supporting Community System
You can communicate with everyone! (General, Whisper, Party, World, Recruit, Region, Trade, and Guild)
Trade items with other players individually, through mail box, and auction house!
Party play, Adding friends, Guild, and more real time muli-play contents are also prepared.

3. Combat Systems
Auto attack with only touching the button once!
PvP, 5:5 party PK, huge scale of terminating name mobs, Daily Mission, and more combats are ready to go.
Passionate Space, Diabolic Maze, Carneol Castle, and more kind of instance dungeons will make you play more fun.

4. Convenience Moving System
DFO supports 3 ways of moving system.
- Touch the screen.
- Press and hold the screen to load the moving pad.
- Push the screen to the direction wherever you want to move.

Dungeon Fantasy Online is free mobile full network MMORPG with in-app purchase items. It is very popular and famous recommended best online RPG app in Korea already.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask us through the e-mail. help@playlemon.com

-Check when you play Dungeon Fantasy Online
If the app doesn't execute properly after the patch update, it is running properly when you delete the game completely then re-install.
Genre:Role Playing
Release:Nov 18, 2014
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