Universal Dungeon Maker : Dark Lord (by GameCoaster)

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    Hi All ~ :)
    [1.6.2] Patch notes
    Dungeon Maker 1.6.2 (Build 210)

    • Difficulty
      • Legend
        • Legend 7: Movement speed bonus is reduced.

        • Legend 10: The bonus of the health and damage bonus of the Boss is nerfed.

        • On the legendary difficulty, heroes will appear one by one.
    • Buff
      • Acceleration
        • Base Increase in movement speed: 50% → 75%
    • Relics
      • Acceleration Potion
        • Buffed acceleration: 100% → 150%
    • World
      • The giant world
        • Both Monsters and Heroes are gigantic.
    Bug fix
    • Difficulty
      • The blessing of some gods not applying to monsters is fixed.
    • Skill
      • Curse and immune not being affected by some skills is fixed.

      • Fixed a bug where the Lancer was getting bonus damage equal to its full LIFE instead of its current LIFE.

      • Heroes no longer learn skills that are unlocked in a pack.
        • Overspeed

        • Electric Armor

        • Electric/Deadly Weapon

        • Pre-emptive strike

        • Combat Fury
    • Relics
      • Fixed a problem that affected the monsters that are not heroes.

      • Fixed an issue where repeated relics appeared repeatedly in the elite battle.
    • Interface
      • When reading, the problem that the book is read more than 100% is fixed.

      • When some heroes are tortured, the problem that an interface error occurred is fixed.
    • Trial
      • When the monster is removed due to the effect of the Trial Card, the phenomenon of removing the monster participating in torture is corrected.
    • World
      • Each time you restart the boss, the next world is changed to a different world is fixed.

      • When clearing the weak world, the Dark Lord not healing to full is fixed.
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    Dungeon Maker ver 1.6.1 Legend 1
    Road to Legend 10 - Rebecca (by @Metalmine)

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    I read that you get devil stones for each rebirth level, and for reaching level 10 on each Dark Lord. Also for 100 floors in each difficulty. Also saw you get them in challenge mode. Is there a finite or limited number of devil stones that you can attain? Once all Dark lords hit 10, and the levels have all hit 100? Or does challenge mode give you unlimited supply? There is no option to buy devil stones, so I was just wondering if you just run out eventually.
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    DungeonMaker 1.6.3 (Build 213)
    This update is translated into English by @Metalmine

    [ Cloud ]
    + Cloud data (Android devices only)
    - The ID stored in the cloud will be replaced by the user's email.
    - The app will have permission requests for checking email.

    [ Gameplay ]
    + Event
    + The reward of some events changes.
    + Facilities
    + Prisoner and Guard
    - Increases the unit's speed of action by increasing combat abilities.
    - Increased stats are displayed on the cards of the placed monsters.
    + Prisoner Lab
    - Increases the unit's speed of action by increasing combat abilities.
    - Increased stats are displayed on the cards of the placed monsters.
    + Gigantify / Double Giant / Three Gianteers
    - Increased stats are displayed on the cards of the placed monsters.
    + Reduced EXP required for level up
    + The following facilities reduce the level of EXP required to level up.
    - Prism, Necropolis, Revenge, Blood Shield, Graveyard, Prisoner Lab.
    + World
    + Giant World
    - The Dark Lord does not grow anymore, and the size of the giants decreases.
    + Card Pack
    + Original Pack
    - Three more monster/facility storages are added.

    [ Interface ]
    + Trader
    - The skip button is moved to the bottom right.
    + Equipment Trader
    - If you do not have equipment to replace when you press the equipment switch,
    a warning message will be displayed and the gold will not be consumed.
    + Facility Trader
    - The EXP to be acquired by the enhance facility is displayed.
    + Corruption
    - The tutorial is added.
    + Dungeon
    + Torture
    - Sort function is added.
    + Reward
    - The skip button is moved to the bottom right.
    + Fortune Teller
    - Sort function is added.
    - Skill can not be changed or removed while changing skill.
    + Cloud
    - (Android)If your Google account is the same, you will be able to save or load cloud data.
    + Tutorial
    - A tutorial is added to the battle reward screen.
    + World
    - 'The world' effect is changed to display in alarm form.
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    Dungeon Maker 1.6.4 (Build 217)
    This update is translated into English by @Metalmine

    + Events
    + A dream
    -Can no longer choose prison or altar as a prize.
    + Artifact
    - Fake Dungeon guide map and Dungeon guide map has been changed to have their own effect rather than the other relic's effect.
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    "Dungeon Maker has been named 'Google Play Best of 2018' <Best Indie> in 3 countries, Japan, Korea and Thailand. The developer, GameCoaster appreciates player's encouragement and will respond with more and better game contents in the future. Thanks!"

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    I dunno if to get this. Does it have timers and iap? Or is it full game?
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    As far as I know it is almost full game. Most IAP items can be obtained as rewards from its gameplay. However, some skin can only be gotten as iap. Of course, the skin does not affect gameplay ability. It is just the preference.
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    Hi All ~ :) Happy New Year with Dungeon Maker! ;)
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    An old question but...
    All of those are ways of getting stones. You are correct. And to answer your question: yes, you can potentially get unlimited stones. The entire goal of the game is to get as far as you can in the most difficult stages you can. The "stages" themselves are endless. However, higher difficulties have better multipliers. i.e. you can't simply grind lower difficulties for stones. Eventually, you won't get any. You would generally rather play a higher difficulty and get a lower "score" than play a lower difficulty with a higher one. There are some exceptions to this rule, but those are in guides and tips, which can be found all over, including this forum.

    After you unlock the highest difficulty currently possible (the devs come up with even higher difficulties once in a while) you simply must get a higher "score" on that difficulty for stones.

    So basically: Stones get harder and harder to earn. However, you can technically earn an unlimited amount of them. There are no IAP for premium currency in this game. You must earn them through gameplay.
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    Hello, I have a question about Protect your lord on hard difficulty. I recently completed the previous difficulty and was able to finish it, but now it seems I can barely manage to reach day 40. I still haven't gone past day 40 and would like help from those that have managed to and fully completed the challenge. What kinds of builds and dark lord did you use and etc. Thanks.
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    Hi there, here is Dungeon Maker's official chat room. Here you can chat with many Dungeon Maker players. If you can afford it, check it out. :)

    * Dungeon Maker Official Chat (Discord)

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    Hi All ~ :)

    Here is the Dungeon Maker developer, Game Coaster. ;)

    We were not able to greet the new year with a busy development schedule.
    We hope that all those who play the game will be happy for the new year.

    1.6.4 I will briefly explain the content that I am preparing since the update.

    First of all, please be aware that the size of the content is larger than expected and the update will be delayed.

    1. Reorganization of a part of the king
    : The power of Liris, Emma, Floria and Irea is redesigned.
    : The relic and reincarnation characteristics related to the above are redesigned.
    : Several other powers will also change.
    : The mentioned monarchs are judged to have a lack of smooth combat and
    : Change a little more to use more seamless form or power-link effect.

    2. Reformation of Experience Experience
    : The experience requirements of facilities using traps and fixed figures (armor, burn, electric shock, etc.) are greatly reduced.
    : This is because in the middle to late games,
    : Adjust the growth of the facility to some extent to follow the growth of the life force of the warrior.
    : In addition, the damage of the trap increases slightly.
    : All other buildings have slightly reduced experience requirements.

    3. Spray adjustment
    : Designed based on the monster battle that maximizes the life force of all warriors, it has too much vitality.
    This has also been associated with the growth of the above-mentioned traps and has played a role in limiting the meta in the game.
    : Therefore, the health of all warrior is reduced, and legendary difficulty, vitality is greatly reduced.
    : Decreases attack power as well, but the warriors are adjusted to slightly increase the speed of action according to their survival days.

    4. Arrangement of prison facilities
    : The performance of the laboratory is adjusted as the life force of the warrior is adjusted as a whole.
    : The laboratory has increased all the monsters' abilities, effectively making the monsters into destruction tanks.
    : Therefore, it affects only vitality and damage so that the laboratory does not give excessive ability value boosting.
    : In addition, the labor posts and prison factories are changed to significantly increase gold production,
    : Combat Auxiliary Facilities and Screaming Prison are changed to grant fear as well as corruption.

    5. Add new packs and events
    : New events will be added in a new pack.
    : Event-specific artifacts, monsters, and facilities can be acquired for each event.
    : We are preparing more than 40 relics, 27 mons
    (Detailed quantities are subject to change.)

    6. Initial Level Boosting
    : It is very difficult for the initial users to spend their content before the second half.
    : Adjusts the level up speed of the 1st to 30th level section to twice, and the level up speed of 31 to 100 level to 1.5 times.

    7. Bug fixes
    : Fix errors in attendance system errors and Google Play game sign-in errors.
    : We will continue to respond to your discomfort.

    Through this update, we will make a change to the meta concentrated in the laboratory,
    We will make sure that the poorly used devotees and facilities are being used again.

    We will also add new events to the reorganized events to make them more attractive choices.

    Make the most of the missing parts that are not mentioned
    We hope to be a satisfactory update.

    Thank you.

    *Translated by (Metalmine & ハンさん_akht51)
    * Dungeon Maker Official Chat (Discord) : https://discord.gg/V6DJ9R8

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