Universal Dungeon Maker : Dark Lord (by GameCoaster)

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    Dungeon Maker Updated Newbie Guide (by Box In A Corner)

    "My swan song guide for the Dungeon Maker community and another stab at helping all the new players coming to the game. Made with version 10200 on Android"

    0:40 Useful Dungeon Maker Resources
    4:27 Intro of Updated Newbie Questions
    5:23 Which Dungeon Lord Is The Best?
    8:37 What is the best strategy to use with the fewest unlocks?
    11:48 Which Dungeon Lord is the weakest?
    14:57 What should I be aiming for as a new player?
    18:33 Are your guides still relevant? (D340 guide)
    19:58 Are you bored or done with Dungeon Maker?
    23:06 Thoughts on Dungeon Maker as it is now
    28:10 Saying goodbye to DM and thanks to the DM community

    TouchArcade / Dungeon Maker Reddit / Dungeon Maker Wiki (Fandom) / Dungeon Maker Wiki (Gamepedia) / Dungeon Maker Wiki (GameCast) / Dungeon Maker Discord

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    I was wondering why so many more "immortality, absorption, poison, thorn, immune, and immune to X" trials were showing up over things like like 10 weak, vulnerable, defense, etc. I thought I was just getting damn unlucky. Nice to know that the game is just actively trying to screw us over instead. :)
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    Good news, I was talking with Gamecoaster and here's what they have to say: upload_2018-10-25_23-44-20.png

    This is from the discord! (join usssss <3) https://discord.gg/V6DJ9R8
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    How are your dungeons? :p
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    Hi All ~!

    Thanks to everyone who participated. Through this contest, GameCoaster was able to feel the hearts of players who love Dungeon Maker Here are representative awards, and the rest will be released sequentially. :)

    [Global] Halloween Art Draw Winners - First Prize: MRT


    [Korea] Fan-Art Draw Winners - First Prize: 개성인쥬스
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    * Upcoming Patch 1.6.0 Notes:

    SOURCE by GameCoaster
    Translation by Metal Mine

    The merchant is divided into three fate cards:
    - Monster Merchant
    - Monster trader to buy monsters
    - Monster Synthesis to combine monsters and or advanced enhance monsters for skill inheritance.
    - Monster Enhancement to level monsters with gold
    - Monster Fusion to fuse monsters
    - Selling monsters
    - Facility Merchant
    - Facility Extraction
    - Special Combination
    - Facility Placement/moving
    - Facility Enhancement (Level up)
    - Equipment Merchant
    - Unequip weapons and move them
    - Exchange equipment
    - He sells Equipment. I think.

    * Repeatable relics are re-introduced.
    Continuous enhancement is possible. (I assume this means the effects stack now)

    * New Difficulty Levels
    A new difficulty is added after trial difficulties.You get even better rewards in more difficult conditions. Once this new difficulty is stable and working with all bugs fixed, Challenge mode will be worked on.

    * New Random World
    A new random world is added to the games. This is not present in normal difficulty.
    Every new world you enter (every 20 days), will have a beneficial or detrimental effect that lasts for the entirety of the new world.

    * Trial Cards
    Trial cards have been re-balanced.Most existing cards are either too powerful or too weak. New trial cards have taken their place.

    We are still working on the 1.6.0 update such bug fixes and whatnot. After the 1.6.0 patch, we will work on events. I will come back to you as I get more updated information

    Thank you.

    Coming Soon. Irea's new costume!
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    * Thoughts on the current Trial Card Meta (by Leptomeninges)

    When I started my current run, I didn't expect to end up thinking about leaderboards. I just wanted to see how viable my build was and if it would meaningfully outperform my previous. But now that I'm up here, I've spent some time thinking about the current meta and maximizing score. The following are things I *think* I know. The meta in Japan and Korea is obviously more evolved, and if any of those players want to pop in and give us their thoughts or corrections, I'm sure we'd be happy to hear them. It's worth specifically noting that (1) this post is not about trial 10 stone farming runs, it's about competing on leaderboards and (2) trial cards are rumored to be changing in the next patch which would obviously make this post irrelevant.

    1. You are only allowed two game breaking trial cards. When I started my current run I had a list of around six trial cards that I wasn't going to allow myself to take. At this point in my game (day 9400) I've taken half of them. Across a long enough game you will be forced to make your forbidden choices, and every mechanic broken by a trial card is a tremendous opportunity cost. If you look at Korean boards, one notable thing about them is that they seem to rely on mechanics that cannot be invalidated by trial cards. Things like immortality, fury, pre-emptive strike/haste synergy, have no trial cards capable of weakening or producing immunity to them. It is notable that these boards also seem fairly debuff independent, as immunity cards exist to these which are potentially game-breaking.

    2. Mitigation has to be all-or-nothing. Right now the (damage taken)/(damage mitigated)/(heals) game is broken, as anyone knows who has mistakenly taken a stack of thorns and assumed they could heal through it. You must assume that if your monster takes a single hit from a hero that it will die. Note that a mitigation plan with these assumptions actually gives you several free picks, as things like fragile, vulnerable, and fury are no longer choices to fear. The only mechanics I'm aware of which achieve this are immortality spam, shield spam, indefinite crowd control or some combination of the above.

    3. Skills which provide trial card immunity are critical. Like many of you, when I started this game I learned that Mystic One was a good pick. As I get deeper into the game, I suspect that this was a holdover of the leaderboard meta, and not because of the huge number of monsters which are going to charm, haze or stun in the first five hundred days of a trial 5 run. Because Mystic One and Blindsense offer five free trial card picks they are critical for any deep run.

    4. Publicity is a probably a bad read. Right now I'm expecting my game to end from lag. The number of heroes hitting my board is quite large. I have to slow down most encounters to 0.5-1 speed to ensure my crowd control and shields get up in time. Publicity makes this problem worse. What's the benefit of publicity? As far as we know, there are bonuses to battle experience and gold. But at this point those things are completely trivial to my progression. Score is determined primarily by days passed, and trial cards taken. If the lag from publicity ends my run 500 days earlier than it might have otherwise with fewer spawns, I'm expecting the difference in my score to be something in the ballpark of 15-20%.

    5. The end game heroes to fear are Maids, Reverend Mothers (and possibly Magic Swordsmen)Reverend Mothers are formidable because their skillset makes them resistant to crowd control. Survival is heavily buff dependent, and maids can remove your entire set of defensive buffs in an instant. I'm starting to fear magic swordsmen because their curse spam halts buff accrual. Since it activates on room entry, a large enough swordsman spawn guarantees a large curse count. A Reverend Mother or two is probably a good idea for any really deep run to mitigate curse accrual.
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    How to play guide for Dungeon Maker (by MetalMine)


    * Basic gameplay
    Dungeon Maker is a game about building up a dungeon as an evil Dark Lord and defeating all Heroes that come to fight you. In order to vanquish all that challenge you, you must hatch new monsters, find rare relics and study old magical tomes.

    * Controls

    When you start a new game, you choose between the two Dark Lords that are unlocked from the start Lilith and Elizabeth. I recommend you begin with Elizabeth as she is better at keeping herself alive at this point in the game, however, you can definitely do well with Lilith if you so choose, though you might struggle a little bit more.

    After picking your Dark Lord, you are sent to a screen with a lot of cards. These are called Fate cards. You will always have the choice between three fates unless you are at the edge of the "map" of fates.

    After picking the fate of your choice, which should be a battle, you will be taken to your dungeon with your Dark Lord in a large room to the left followed by a 3x3 grid with some monsters in the center tile. These tiles are called rooms. The center tile with monsters in it is called a battle room.

    What follows will be combat.

    * Combat

    Here, there are several things you need to be aware of.

    The bottom left corner of your screen will have a grey hexagon that is filling up with blue. This is your mana.

    A grey bar to its right that is empty, it will be filled with buffs and negative
    status effects on your dark lord. You cannot view your monsters buffs and status effects.

    The bottom right of your screen will have one icon in a black square. This is your first ability. If you're playing Lilith, this will be Whip, if you are playing Elizabeth, this will be Bite.

    Every Dark Lord will have 4 abilities after leveling them up to their maximum levels with the following Mana costs: [1,4,10,20].

    Question: How can I cast a 20 Mana ability if my max Mana is 10?

    Answer: You will be able to find Relics as a result of defeating Elite Battle, Treasure Chests or Boss Battles fates that will enhance your maximum Mana directly or through rests.

    * First 100 Days

    So you reached day 100! Congratulations, you have unlocked Hard Difficulty 1. Where do you proceed from here? Well, in order to unlock a lot of cool new monsters, rooms, weapons, abilities, dark lords, and other really important mechanics, you will need Abyss Stones, which you'll be able to use at the Abyss Store. However, it isn't easy to progress very far without some of those upgrades.

    The recommended way is to hit day 100, withdraw, then go to the next difficulty level until you hit one you can't beat to day 100. Then go back to the previous difficulty and go as far as you can. Then continue doing day 100 runs until you've reached Trial difficulty 1. At this point, hard difficulty challenges no longer apply and a new set of challenges exist. HOWEVER, if you complete [Trial 1] day 200 for example, you also achieve [Hard 1] through [Hard 10]'s day 200 achievement. This means you'll get a ton of abyss stones. Furthermore, do so on Trial 1 until day 340 and you'll be able to unlock most of the essentials from the original and awakening packs.

    * Dark Lord Leveling Strategies

    For new players that are first leveling up a Dark Lord, information is provided about some basic strategies to use. These are geared primarily for Normal to Hard 10 difficulty. There are different ways to play each Dark Lord once you reach Trials and unlock new options in the Abyss Store.

    Each Dark Lord has a different approach. Some prefer to do most of the damage to the enemy heroes, while others prefer to sit back and let traps or monsters do their dirty work.

    Key Buffs/Debuffs:
    Which buffs or debuffs the Dark Lord has the most synergy with and should be prioritized.

    Dungeon Design:
    Whether a new player should build Battle Rooms, Traps, certain kinds of Facilities, etc.

    Boss Skills:
    How each skill should be used.

    Key Relics:
    Relics can be found in Treasure and Elite Battle cards. Listed are a few that can make the most difference for each Dark Lord.

    Key Unlocks:
    What to look for in the Abyss Shop that will help the Dark Lord out most.

    Leveling Difficulty:
    How easy each Dark Lord is to play before getting unlocks and their Awakening.



    Lilith is the more difficult of the initial two dark lords to begin with. Her best synergies are locked in Awakening packs. While working on unlocking those, level her up by relying on monsters while using Charm to convince the enemy heroes to fight each other instead of you!

    Lilith gets heroes to fight for her. She relies on her monsters to keep heroes from reaching the Dark Lord's Room and overwhelming her. She isn't much of a fighter on her own at first.

    Key Buffs/Debuffs:
    Charm, Betrayal, Obey. Unfortunately most ways to apply these debuffs outside of your Boss Skills must be unlocked.

    Dungeon Design:
    Build Battle Rooms. Fill with the strongest monsters you can find.

    Boss Skills:
    Use Whip (1 mana) until you have Charm (4 mana) and 5 full battle rooms, since Charm only affects heroes who are in combat. Forbidden Love (10 mana) should only be used if the heal is needed, or if heroes are spending a lot of time running around (not in combat).

    Key Relics:
    Traitor's Dagger (3*) doubles damage when heroes attack each other. Assassin's Dagger (4*) charmed enemies take 35% more damage. Staff of Authority (2*) reduces cost of Charm by 1. Armor of Power (2*) causes Charm to give vulnerable as well.

    Key Unlocks:
    Rooms: Betrayal, Temptation, Mirror Room, Prism. Monsters: Siren, Cleopatra (fusion).

    Leveling Difficulty:
    Hard. Lilith relies heavily on the rooms listed above, and her Level 12 ability, which causes Charmed heroes to take more damage.


    Irea is acquired from the Challenge Mode Protect Your Lord (Normal), while her Awakening is acquired from Protect Your Lord (Hard). Her theme is light and electricity, and she has a number of status effect synergies. She is unique in being the only Dark Lord who doesn't gain starting monsters as level 5 and 9 bonuses. She can be played both with heavy monsters or heavy traps, but the former is much simpler to execute.

    Style: Irea relies on sitting back and spamming her abilities to give heroes Blind and Shock. She doesn't really want heroes to reach the Dark Lord room until she gets her Awakening, which gives a big boost to her personal fighting power.

    Key Buffs/Debuffs:
    Her most important debuffs are Blind, Shock, and Recharge. Of secondary importance is Slow, Frostbite, and Stun. Panic is great too, because it both prevents Shock from being dispelled, and a Blind and Panicked enemy is basically taking no action at all. After her Awakening, Shield becomes hugely important too. You may wish to avoid Poison since it can undermine Shock's stacking ability even more than usual.

    Dungeon Design:
    Build mostly Battle Rooms, mixing in Shock traps if you wish. Your dungeon entrance should be Darkness so that all heroes who walk in will be Blind, and thus get Shock from Irea's Blinding Flash skill. Focus on rooms that give debuffs such as Blind, Slow, and Panic. Pick monsters who can apply these debuffs as well, including those with the skill Sandstorm.

    Boss Skills:
    Use Thunderbolt(1 mana) until you have Blinding Flash (4 mana) and 5 full battle rooms, since it only affects heroes in combat. Blinding Flash causes damage and gives Blind, and as Irea levels up, it will also cause Shock to enemies under the effect of Blind and Slow.

    Key Relics:
    Thunder Bracelet causes Shocked enemies who take damage to sometimes be Stunned. Solar Key gives Recharge when Blind enemies take damage. Thunberbolt boosts Shock damage by 75%. Unfortunately these are all unlocks. Relics that apply or improve Slow, Frostbite, Stun, and Panic are also valuable.

    Key Unlocks:
    Irea's Awakening, and the above-mentioned Relics. Monsters: Water Elemental, Sea Drake.

    Leveling Difficulty:
    Easy. Irea is unlocked through Challenges, so anyone who gets her should have a solid grasp of the basics.

    See also

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    From Dungeon Maker (GameCoaster)

    Emma's new skin! Please expect updates. We are working hard. Thanks! :)

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    Exciting news coming for next patch: upload_2018-11-13_1-36-38.png
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    Did they mention when to expect the update?


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