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    Mar 1, 2015
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    Tampere, Finland
    Hello all!

    I'm Antti Ojala, a new Finnish 1-man indie game developer. I have a longish mobile game dev background as a Senior Game Artist in companies such as Rovio and Universomo/THQ Wireless, but have recently been working on a game all mine. Exciting! And scary! :)


    Duck Bumps is a local multiplayer game coming to iPad on March 9.

    The game was perhaps mostly inspired by the old PC local multiplayer classic Jump'n Bump that I have fond memories of, but has obviously also been influenced by the ancient arcade game Joust and the more recent TowerFall.

    There might also be a dash of Flappy Bird in it's DNA. With the simple Left and Right controls, you can FLY.

    The objective of the game is to bump on the other ducks to score points. First player to 10 points wins.

    However, when bumped, the defeated ducks turn to duck bits, which can no longer be controlled, but can still score points. With trampolines, looping falls and teleports - things are bound to take a turn to the chaotic.






    The game will launch with 4 unique levels, with new ones coming in the updates. The price will be in the 2 dollar range, and the game will never feature ads or IAPs.

    While the initial launch version is for iPad only, I feel that the game would work fine especially on the newer iPhones with their larger screens, and am hoping I can soon perfect the UI to work on them as well.

    Thank you for your interest! :)


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