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Do you think the game is hard?

  1. Nah, its too easy for me

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  2. Yes, I can't get pass the tutorial

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  1. sengchangko

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    Aug 4, 2017
    Our game DT Cafe is on early access we would like to receive feedback from the community before we launch the game.

    The game can be downloaded from testflight public link at https://testflight.apple.com/join/o69E5hE8

    Any sort of feedbacks are welcome, we can be reached via:
    • This thread
    • Go to facebook page , https://www.facebook.com/dtcafegame leave us a comment on the only post.
    • Search for "dt cafe" in facebook messenger and choose the one with categories "Game/Toy"
    • [​IMG]
    Game Description
    Ever dreamt of working in a hipster cafe crafting some delicious food or beverages? Join DT Cafe where the player's target is to take care of all the demanding customers on their orders. Each food or beverages has its own mixture of ingredients so make sure you know which line to hit to get the perfect shot!

    Keep your customers happy by serving their orders as fast as possible while you can also unlock new items and make the cafe looks better. Time to roll your sleeves up and get busy!

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