Android Drive.RS by rumblesushi - Open World race & drift

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    Feb 4, 2023
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    Hi everyone,

    Our huge open world racing game is ready for pre-register on Google Play

    Here's some of the highlights:

    A 64 km sq map - with mountains, rolling hills, fields full of flowers, a rugged costine

    Over 250km of roads to drive

    Physics engineered by us - proper drifting with countersteering!

    Race events, drift zones, speed cameras - enter them as you're driving around

    Weather effects

    Day to Night

    Controller support

    And loads more! :)

    A bit about us:
    We started out making web games back in 2010 and made the really popular Super Drift 3D series of games. They were big and exciting 3D games made in Flash, on our own engine, which was pretty difficult at the time. We loved driving games, especially 90s arcade games (but also Burnout 3 - of course!) we loved Initial D and Japanese car culture. We put loads of passion and hard work into the games and the fans loved them.

    Now we're back. We've put the same dedication and passion and hard work into making our first mobile racing game. We thrive on challenge, so went for an open world Forza Horizon style game. It's got a really big map for mobile, great graphics, it's well optimized and most of all, fun. (We hope!!!) We've worked incredibly hard on the physics, we want that speed and adrenaline that we look for in games, with realistic elements to the physics, yet accessible. Simcade.

    It's really been a labour of love, made by one programmer and one artist.

    We'd love it if you'd check it out :) Thanks

    ** if you have problems on Google Play, type in "rumblesushi" with the " " . It's still indexing.

    image01.png image02.png image04.png
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    Feb 4, 2023

    Here's the trailer. I'm putting some Android real time gameplay videos up on Youtube soon (handcam I think they're called).

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