Drift Draft Destroy Online Multiplayer Racing Game

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    Drift Draft Destroy is ready to download on Google Play Store. For Free!

    Download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=gripati.game.ddd

    Trailer on YouTube;

    Drift Draft Destroy is a dynamic arcade racing survival game. No leveling, no breaks, no health.
    Choose your car, drift to turn, draft to catch up, shoot to destroy and win the race.
    Improve your strategy and use devious tactics to destroy all your opponents and
    sabotage the race.
    There is no room for losers. Are you strong enough?

    “It’s a Top-Down Racer with Rockets and Online Multiplayer” as Carter Dotson wrote
    about it on Upcoming Games post;

    DDD Features
    — Online Multiplayer up to 4 people
    — 4 originally designed Drift Draft cars
    — Powerful weapons to sabotage the race, such as missiles, mines and even meteors!
    — Easy touch screen controls
    — Watercolor sketchy colorful art style
    — Game Center support for Leaderboards; Total Destroy, Best Time & Total Points

    Have Fun :)

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