Dreamy Goat

Wahid Zhowandai
“My journey is everything” - Goat Featured as "Game Of The Week" on AppAdvice * APPTUDES.COM - "A Sublime Endless iOS…
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“My journey is everything” - Goat Featured as "Game Of The Week" on AppAdvice * APPTUDES.COM - "A Sublime Endless iOS Experience" * THEIPHONEAPPREVIEW.COM - "It’s more an example of apps as art than anything we’ve seen before" * APPADVICE.COM - "This is an extraordinary game with a unique and beautiful design" * APPCROC.COM - "It`s definitely like one of those dreams which you wish never ended" RELAXING ART GAME Get ready to lose yourself inside surreal, psychedelic worlds and experience a relaxing atmosphere that is created with fantastic music, original gameplay and gorgeous artwork that you’ve never seen before. STORY Every time Goat goes to sleep it sees beautiful dreams. But be careful - it is only a dream and you can wake up at any moment. NICE TO MEET YOU, I’M GOAT This is a very unusual goat. It can jump through the air, travel between dreams on Super Whale and enjoys every moment of its journey. Also it likes to be filmed on camera and eat candy. IT’S HAPPY Enemies, obstacles? No, thanks. Love, peace, happiness? Yes, please. IT’S SIMPLE To play, you just tap anywhere on the screen to make Goat jump as high as you want. IT’S INDIE Original ideas, creativity, artistic experimentation and more. *** FEATURES *** * SEVEN dream worlds * SEVEN additional Super Levels with Super Whale * NINE gorgeous soundtracks that will blow you away * DYNAMIC MELODY that you create by playing * UNIQUE, STYLISH dreams with different atmosphere and art * TWO GAME MODES 1) Sun for challenging players 2) Zen for total relaxation * GOAT’s THOUGHTS * ENCODED MESSAGES in robo-dream ========= HOW TO PLAY IN SUN MODE The Sun indicator will increase if you don`t touch anything. There are 3 kinds of objects you can touch: creatures, barriers and bonuses. Creatures influence the Sun the most, barriers less and bonuses the least. So, when you see a creature in Sun mode - make sure you jump on it :)
Seller:Wahid Zhowandai
Genre:Adventure, Kids
Release:Mar 15, 2012
Updated:Mar 10, 2018
Size:29.6 MB
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