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Draw and roll is a new member of physic game family. A flirtatious roar, named Roly, was attracted by a round and cute s…
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Draw and roll is a new member of physic game family. A flirtatious roar, named Roly, was attracted by a round and cute sow, named Desy. He decided to get her right away, but he did not know that he had to overcome miserably hard way. You will be the one that will help him to get where he dreams.

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- Let’s discover the new world with brain, hand, and creation. 60 designed levels in 4 chapters challenges your skills and creation. Besides, explore the world help you to collect mysterious items that will lead you to another world with 8 specially designed levels. The seal is opened when you collect enough 24 items throughout the levels. That is the secret and obstacles which you and Roly has to know! Thinking-outside-the-box is what you need in order to finish levels in the most creative way! The les resource you use, the higher score you get.

- Playing and creating your own solutions
- Drawing lines and let the Roly role is how the game done. Users win when he touches the Desy and deliver his beautiful flowers and heart. Be aware of the drawing because it can lead him to another place and never meet his dream girl, or he can get stuck somewhere on the way. There is no such right solution for the game. You own the game, and you win the game in your way
- One more thing to concern, if you get stuck, you can ask your friends for helping hands. What if you have done so well? You can share your brilliant solution to the whole world via Twitter or Facebook

- Nice Graphic
Nice and cute design, the game is for all ages with lots of fun and challenges. This is a creative game with so much fun for all ages. Using your brain, intelligence, physic knowledge to create a solution for Roly. There are many colors and themes for you to choose. With a notebook design, the game become a lively diary of a guy comes to
rescue his girl.

- *Addition features:

+ Regular free updates with new levels
+ Retina optimized for resolutionary experience

Sound interesting, right? So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up! Come to help Roly.

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Genre:Arcade, Puzzle
Release:Aug 30, 2012
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