Dragon's Skewer

- Description -
We got to make the longest skewer in the world before the Nasty Dragon wakes up.
It is not impos…
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- Description -
We got to make the longest skewer in the world before the Nasty Dragon wakes up.
It is not impossible with your intelligence and the Remote Wings.
Show how strong you are when the dragon comes back.

- Easy Operation
Tap the left side of the screen to activate a ability, and right side to fly.
Only two buttons, no more complicated operator interface.

- Simple story plot as in fairy tales
Why we have to assemble the skewer?
Why we fly through the Weird Caves?
T. Daniel Morris,the voice actor, takes you to the adventure as if you were really a part of the story.

- Various Ability Beads
Get smaller, invisible and bright etc.
Get on through Weird Caves using 8 kinds of skills.
Feel how stunning it is by crushing icy and rocky pillars.

- Beautiful and Unique 5 maps
Ice, flame, machinery, woods and rocks.
Watch out pillars sticking out.
You get frozen on the ice, burnt on fire, crushed on drills.
Intuitive expression with every thing above.

- Intelligent quests to test your IQ
You will have to think for a while how to pass through caves.
The combination of instant judgement and puzzles.
One with IQ greater than 231 can only solve the most difficult quest.
Can you imagine how difficult, taking account of the smartest person in the world whose IQ is 230?
Try to solve on your own without any help.
You might be that much smart!

- High quality electronic music under exclusive license
You might have heard this music before because it is admired by millions of people in the world.
You will find yourself addicted to it.

- Game Center Support
3 leader boards and 22 achievements.

- If you still hesitate to buy the game, it is highly recommended to watch the trailer.

Note: This game only supports Retina display on iPhone4s or later

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Genre:Action, Arcade, Puzzle
Release:Jun 19, 2013
Updated:Nov 30, -0001
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