DragonHeart - a new type of block puzzle RPG with beautiful characters.

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    Hi! I'm alteus, a developer of Korean Indie game.
    I've been working in the major game company in Korea (Nexon, Neowiz, CCR and more).
    Now, I am independent from the company, and two years ago, I've created the 1st Indie Game called 'Dragon Heart'. It has just launched in the App Store and the Google play store.

    Dragon Heart is a puzzle game that when you select all the blocks of the same color, the blocks will disappear. It is an easy game to get the high score, but you are require to busily use your brain and a hand at the same time. In addition, the user will gather beautifully painted heroes of the traditional RPG-style character and they can grow these characters to have a score competition.

    Please Enjoy my game and feedback to me!

    - Google Play Store

    imgGame_3.jpg imgGame_2.jpg

    char_3001_Theodore.png char_3007_Deneb.png

    char_4101_Khasgaleid.png char_4107_Summanus.png

    char_2001_Aria.png char_3006_Kirke.png
  2. Thank you! NiceAndFunDay. Really, this game's name is DragonHeart. haha

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