iPad Dragon Sword: Legend of Kroll

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    unless is 3D
    helll no
    first one sucks
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    "The changes aren't just in name and text. The main character has been recast as a ninja in the co-operative translation between Kroll developer Digital Legends and Japanese software house, GungHo Online.

    "It has been a tremendous experience to partner with GungHo Online and fit the game to the Japanese market," says Digital Legends boss Xavier Carrillo Costa.

    "We found great enthusiasm working together and GungHo Online had an outstanding contribution. We trust Dragon Sword: Legend of Kroll will excite Japanese gamers."

    Dragon Sword went live on the Japanese App Store yesterday for the mighty price of ¥900 (currently about twice what we're paying for Kroll – hmm), but does come equipped with three whole new levels, new enemies and a new game mode."

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