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Dragon Heroes is not just a game. It’s adventure ! Find out what happens when SHOOTING meets RPG ! Experience intense sh…
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Dragon Heroes is not just a game. It’s adventure ! Find out what happens when SHOOTING meets RPG ! Experience intense shooting action with stunning characters and graphic at DRAGON HEROES ! Form the ultimate team of heroes, play it with your friends and forge a powerful guild ! ■■■ NEW UPDATE ■■■ 1. Return Now Attendance Event 2. Return Now Event 3. 11 New Raid Bosses have been added - Development Rune is added (2016.07) - Rune Engrave feature is added (2016.08) - Ultimate Grade Up / Ultimate Enhancement feature is added (2016.12) - Rune Development phase Expansion and 6star Raid Rune is added (2016.12) - Guild War Reformed (2017.01) - Hero Draw Reformed (Rate increased and enhanced guaranteed rewards) (2017.01) - Guild Raid contents was added (2017.02) - Guild Mastery System was added (2017.03) - Guild Raid / Infinite Dungeon / Arcade Reformed (2017.03) - Infinite Dungeon / Arcade Reformed (2017.04) - Ultimate Enhancement MAX Level Increased (2017.04) - Arena / Super Arena Reformed (2017.04) - New contents Shooting Arena Beta is added(2017.06) ■■■ GAME FEATURES ■■■ ◈ Easy Action-packed Gameplay ! Enjoy Fancy Arcade Shooting Game with one finger ! ◈ Use strategies to form an Ultimate Team of your own ! Collect powerful heroes divided by race, attributes and skills ! Use runes and raid runes to make your heroes even more powerful ! ◈ Power up your heroes to the ultimate form ! Obtain more powerful heroes though Evolution and Fusing ! Reawaken your heroes with Ultimate Awakening and Ultimate Grade-Up ! ◈ Various game modes available ! Scenario Mode, Arcade Mode, Infinite Dungeon and lots core contents, such as : Special Dungeon, Dark Dungeon, Descent Dungeon and RAID ! Participate in World Raid and defeat the Raid Bosses with your friends ! ◈ Fight your way to the top at the Arena ! Form your dream team and challenge users from around the world ! ◈ Challenge in Shooting Arena ! PVP with Shooting Mode?! It’s possible in Dragon Heroes! Win a victory with a strong team combination! ◈ Constantly updated luxurious event ! Variety of events updated regularly along with powerful rewards ! The fun is, of course, and cultivating heroes are no longer difficult ! [Permission Guide] ▶ Essential Permissions Storage Space (Photo Album, External Storage Space etc.) - Necessary for ‘Program installation and Data storage on your cellphone’ Cell phone status and Calling ID - Necessary for ‘User account creation and Account interlink etc.’ Address book - Necessary for ‘Google account access etc.’ ▶ How to withdraw the permission - OS 6.0 or higher : Setting > Application manager > select the App > Permission > then permissions can be withdrew. - OS 6.0 below : Because it is impossible to revoke access rights, it can be withdrew by deleting the app ■■■ OFFICIAL PAGE ■■■ ◆ Dragon Heroes Official Forum : http://dragonheroes.freeforums.net/ ◆ Dragon Heroes Official Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/dragonheroes.en ◆ Dragon Heroes Customer Service : http://help-patigames.com/consult.asp?gameCode=dragonheroes&partnerCode=patigames&lcCountry=US&lcLocale=en You can play in English, 日本語, 中文繁體, ภาษาไทย, 한국어. ⓒPATI Games. All Rights Reserved.
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Release:Aug 05, 2015
Updated:Jul 05, 2017
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