Dragon Fire: Una's Quest - Crazy Colouful Top Down Shooter Just Submitted!

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    ITS FINALLY BEEN SUBMITTED .... twitch, blink, HA HA HA HA HE HA... twitch.....

    It's been months in the making and it's a lot of fun!

    Dragon Fire: Una's Quest is a retro arcade top down shooter where you play play as a dragon who has to blast her way through weird & wonderful lands filled with armies of crazy creatures.

    - 14 levels from dense forests to stormy mountains
    - Grow extra heads to increase your firepower
    - Amazing Stage Bosses including spitting camels and psycho meerkets
    - Epic multi-headed dragon Level bosses
    - Collect stars to unlock 3 mini games
    - Bright, colorful cartoon style
    - Play with D-Pad or Joystick



    I hope you like it... I know i do :)

    Some ad hoc builds have been sent out so hopefully get some coverage soon...



    TA... will send promo soon - Unless you want to send me a UID
  2. debugdesign

    debugdesign Well-Known Member

    I'm just putting together a video so you can see it in action...

    Works fine on iPod 1st Gen - All the way to iPhone 4!
  3. Capone

    Capone Well-Known Member

    Feb 27, 2009
    Looks brilliant. Good job, indeed! :)
  4. UtopianGames.co.uk

    UtopianGames.co.uk Well-Known Member

    Nice work! Love the art, can't w8 for a video so i can see it in action.

  5. quantumsheep

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    Jun 5, 2009
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    oooh! I do love my top down shooters! Looking forward to it!

    I'd have loved it if Alan Sugar rode the dragon and yelled 'You're fired!' every time an enemy got killed ;)

    Thanks, thanks... I'm here all week, folks - try the soup - it's delicious!

    QS :D
  6. butterbean21

    butterbean21 Well-Known Member

    Nov 13, 2009
    Love the art style in this one! Very colorful and reminiscent of shooters I LOVE to play! Looks great!
  7. sid187

    sid187 Well-Known Member

    Dec 23, 2009
    looks good :)

  8. flaming-mitten

    flaming-mitten Well-Known Member

    looking really good.
  9. debugdesign

    debugdesign Well-Known Member

    Just been approved so hopefully we will see it in the app store in the next 24hrs - I will keep you updated

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